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* Estimated cashback rate based on our overall average. The actual rate may be higher or lower depending on the merchants you are transferring to. Unlimited cashback available - slider only shows transfers up to 500k. VIP level is calculated on consistent level of monthly transfers. You can contact us for clarification.

Neteller Cashback & Bronze Pro VIP Application

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Neteller cashback, VIP cashback, anniversary points & how does it work?

You can earn free cashback from eWalletBooster on your Neteller transfers simply by using your Neteller account as you normally would do, such as by making deposits into your favourite sportsbook, casino, forex, poker sites etc.

Whenever you make a transfer with your account, Neteller charges the merchant a transaction fee. We receive a percentage of that fee which we pass onto you as cashback.

Our cashback program is open to new and existing Neteller customers.

All new customers who join Neteller via our link above will be accepted onto our cashback program.

Please remember to join Neteller by clicking on the button ‘Click to register at Neteller’


For existing customers, we will refer your application to Neteller to see if you are able to join.

Eligibility to join generally depends on 3 factors:

  • You were not referred to Neteller by another website
  • You are not already a Neteller VIP
  • You have not made recent transactions in the last 6 months with your Neteller account

If you are an existing Neteller customer and you believe you may be eligible to join the cashback scheme, please submit the application form above and we can check to see if you will be accepted.

If you are a new Neteller customer, please submit the application form above after you have registered at Neteller

Please note, if you are also applying for VIP upgrade, please submit the application once your Neteller account is verified.

How does the Neteller cashback program work?

  1. Sign up to Neteller via our link or select existing account
  2. Submit application and choose whether to apply for free VIP upgrade now or later. Please remember that you must verify your Neteller account before requesting a VIP upgrade
  3. Once you have submitted your application you can expect to hear a response within 1 business day to inform you whether you were successful in joining the cashback scheme and whether you have been upgraded to VIP
  4. You will receive email notification advising you of the response we receive from Neteller
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  6. If your application is successful you will be able to login to eWalletBooster and view your Neteller account and cashback stats
  7. Your Neteller cashback stats are updated every 24 hours and you will be able to see all account information and active bonuses on your account within your dashboard

Neteller VIP Cashback

Once you reach Platinum or Diamond VIP level, you will start earn cashback from Neteller directly. However, achieving the highest levels of VIP status (Platinum VIP & Diamond VIP) require a substantial amount of transfers.

  • Platinum VIP’s earn 0.25% direct cashback
  • Diamond VIP’s earn 0.50% direct cashback
For eWalletBooster customers, the 0.25%-0.50% direct cashback is in addition to the cashback you earn from us, which averages at 0.55%.

You will also earn Neteller reward points for every transaction you make. You will achieve 1 point for every $1 USD (or currency equivalent) transferred using your Neteller account. Additionally, as you progress through the VIP levels you will earn more points per transfer with Platinum level VIP’s earning 1.25 points per $1 USD and Diamond level VIP’s earning 1.5 points per $1 USD.

Additionally you will receive annual anniversary reward points from Neteller.

Please read our Neteller VIP program review for more detailed information on the numerous VIP benefits offered.

Important information

  • Your Neteller account must be verified to receive free Bronze Pro VIP upgrade. Find about more about Neteller verification
  • As soon as you receive email notification that your application has been accepted you will immediately start the 1% Fixed Cashback Bonus 30-day period. We suggest taking maximum value from this generous bonus. Find out more about our Neteller sign up bonus
  • The additional $10 bonus is not time-limited and becomes payable as soon as you reach $2000 in transfer volume.
  • Bonus slider is estimated cashback based on the average of all our customers' cashback. It may be marginally higher or lower than the shown rate, dependent on which sites you are transferring to.
  • There are no maximum limits. The more you transact, the more you earn.

Frequently asked questions..

How does the Neteller Cashback Scheme work?

The Neteller cashback scheme allows you to earn cashback on all your transactions using your Neteller account. All transactions qualify for cashback and it includes all merchants. The rewards offered by us are in addition to those of the Neteller VIP Rewards loyalty scheme. Your cashback stats are updated daily which you can view within your eWalletBooster dashboard.

Who is eligible to join the Neteller Cashback Scheme?

Every new Neteller customer who registers via our link is eligible to join the scheme. For existing customers, please feel free to apply and Neteller will assess each application on a case-by-case basis which is usually dependant on whether you have been referred by another affiliate already, your current VIP status and your recent activity (last 6 months) on your account.

How do I become a VIP?

The easiest way to become VIP is by joining Neteller via eWalletBooster to receive a free Bronze Pro VIP upgrade. You can use the bonus slider above to see how your VIP level changes based on the amount you transfer. New & existing Neteller customers are eligible for VIP upgrades.

How do I receive the $10 Sign Up Bonus for joining Neteller via eWalletBooster?

Your $10 Bonus will be payable once you have transacted at least $2000 (or currency equivalent) using your Neteller account.

Are any merchants or gaming sites excluded from the Neteller cashback scheme?

All merchants are included in the cashback you will receive from eWalletBooster. However, with regards to the Neteller VIP loyalty scheme where you earn rewards from Neteller directly, some merchants are excluded. To view your VIP loyalty points from Neteller directly, go into the VIP rewards section of your Neteller account and exchange the points for cashback there.

How do I view my balance and request a payment of cashback?

All account management can be done from your dashboard, within your eWalletBooster account.

When will my stats be updated?

Your cashback stats will be updated every 24 hours. On the 3rd of the succeeding month, your stats will be confirmed for the previous month and your cashback will be payable immediately.

When will my application be accepted or declined?

If you are a new Neteller customer who registered via our link and you have made a payment to a merchant, your application should be confirmed and stats available in your eWalletBooster account within 24 hours of sign up. If you are an existing Neteller customer you can expect to receive a response from us within 1 business day. All new customers will be accepted, whilst Neteller will have the final decision on all existing customers applications.

I am already a Neteller VIP account holder and would like to open a new Neteller account in a different currency. Can I apply for this new account to take part in the eWalletBooster cashback scheme?

Yes, you can apply for your new currency account to take part in our cashback scheme, even if your original account is not taking part in the scheme. However, in order for it to be eligible you must register the new currency account by clicking through to Neteller via our sign up link.