Skrill Sign Up Bonus | €100 Skrill Bonus From eWalletBooster

Skrill Sign Up Bonus

Exclusively for eWalletBooster customers you can benefit from our partnership with Skrill by taking advantage of our Skrill sign up bonuses.

The first Skrill bonus is offered by Skrill directly and only available for new and eligible existing Skrill customers who register via eWalletBooster.

The maximum bonus available is €100 and is based on your transfer volume in your first 30 days.

The second Skrill bonus available is offered by eWalletBooster and provides you with a fixed bonus of $20 once you have reached a transfer threshold of $3500 and is not time limited.

Below we give a detailed breakdown of each bonus and explain how to maximise your returns to ensure you get the full amounts for each bonus.

Skrill Bonus - Become a VIP & Get €100 Cash Bonus

Exclusively for new and eligible existing Skrill customers who register via eWalletBooster.

Transact €3,000 or more within a 30-day period after registering and you not only get Skrill VIP status, you also get a cashback bonus, up to a maximum of €100.

  • New Skrill customers should follow the link and click 'Register to Apply'
  • Existing Skrill customers should follow the link and click 'Login to Apply'
skrill €100 bonus

Below we show the transaction levels required to get each bonus.

TransfersCash Bonus
€3,000 - €4,999 €30
€5,000 - €9,999€50
€10,000 + €100

How does it work?

  1. Submit application form below to join our cashback & VIP program
  2. Eligible customers will receive VIP upgrade within 1 business day
  3. Transact €3000 or more to merchants, using your new Skrill account within 30 days
  4. Receive the cash bonus directly into your Skrill account and enjoy your new Skrill VIP benefits

eWalletBooster Bonus - $20 Bonus

Exclusively for eWalletBooster customers, you will receive a $20 sign up bonus from eWalletBooster, which is payable once you have reached $3,500 in total transfer volume. The bonus is not time-limited so you can complete the requirement anytime.

How does it work?

  1. Once you have signed up for a Skrill account via eWalletBooster (or you have successfully submitted an existing account) and your application is accepted and confirmed, you can login to your dashboard to view your current stats anytime. 
  2. You will see the bonus shown in the account summary which will show your current transfer value and the required transfer value to make the bonus payable.
  3. skrill $20 USD bonus
  4. Once your transfer value reaches a minimum of $3500, the bonus will update and will be paid out within the next 7 days after you have achieved $3500 in transfers. The bonus payment will be sent directly to your Skrill account.
  5. The $10 free cash bonus is not time-limited so you can complete it anytime.

Skrill Application Form

Use the form below to submit your application to join our cashback program and get a free Bronze VIP upgrade plus take advantage of our exclusive Skrill welcome bonuses.

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Terms and conditions

Skrill Bonus - Become a VIP & Get €100 Cash Bonus

This bonus if offered directly by Skrill so you should check the Skrill promotion page for further terms.

Skrill Free Cash Promotion - $20 Bonus

  1. Bonus offer is valid for new and existing Skrill customers.
  2. Bonus offer is only valid for eWalletBooster customers who sign up a new Skrill account through our link or existing Skrill customers who have successfully joined our Skrill cashback scheme.
  3. If your application to join our Skrill cashback scheme is rejected you will not be eligible for the bonus.
  4. All merchants qualify for the bonus.
  • reserves the right to reject any application or bonus. will have the final decision in all claim disputes.
  • English Law exclusively governs these terms and conditions and only English Law will adjudicate any disputes.