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Oct 12 2022

Best Forex Brokers Accepting Neteller 2022 + Free Cashback!

Discover the best forex brokers that accept Neteller and how eWalletBooster can provide cashback on your deposits and a host of other bonuses!

Forex is a massive world, chock-full of opportunity. But if you're not making use of Neteller, you're seriously missing out. The combination of state-of-the-art security, seamless merchant and peer transfers, and a peerless VIP programme, it's quite difficult to imagine not using Neteller.

But, as with any other service, there are always questions from those new to the platform.  That, my friend, is exactly why we're here today. We're breaking down how to pick a quality forex broker, highlighting a few standouts, and offering guides on how to get the most out of your Neteller account along with a few simple how-tos. 

Let's start with the basics.

Table of Contents:

With that out of the way, what's next?

What You Need in a Forex Broker

You need to know a few things when window-shopping for a new forex broker. We'll highlight a handful of excellent brokers in the next section, but that's just not enough. You need to know what is a red flag, what's not, and how to choose a quality forex broker. 

Begin by asking the following questions:

  • (This one's obvious) Does the broker accept Neteller?
  • Do they impose any fees or limits for Neteller transactions?
  • How long has the broker been in business?
  • Is the broker easily found on the FCA Financial Search Register?
    • If so, they're licensed and regulated; if not, run.
  • Who (if anyone) regulates the broker? (This ties back up to the previous point.)
  • Which investment options are on offer? Can you invest in Crypto or CFDs?
  • What's this broker's min/max Neteller deposit?
  • Which trading platforms and software does the broker use?
  • Does the broker offer customer support and/or livechat?

The Best Forex Brokers That Take Neteller



Mininum deposit:

Deposit fee:

Avg. spread

Live support








Mininum deposit:

Deposit fee:

Avg. spread

Live support






How to Get the Most Out of Neteller

Neteller, once you're set up, is truly excellent. It offers seamless money transfers to merchants and friends - but if you're not fully established, it can come with a few pain points. 

You'll find a breakdown of an average, brand-new (non-VIP) Neteller user's experience on the left; on the right, you'll see what eWalletBooster users get for free

Without eWalletBoosterWith eWalletBooster
Immediate VIP Perks?No - you're a standard user.Fast Silver VIP
Verification Speed2-5 business days12 hours
Verification Fee£10Free
FX Fees3.99%3.19%
Bank Withdrawal Fees£10Reduced
Account LimitsExtremely limitedRaised
Dedicated Neteller Rewards DashboardNo.Yes!

Okay - I need you to pay attention here, as this is super important:

Connecting your eWalletBooster and Neteller accounts is entirely free and takes less than five minutes. Really. There's no catch, no surprise fees - you just get a better Neteller forex experience for zero investment on your part. Click here to do so.

How to Deposit at Forex Sites With Neteller

Neteller treats forex brokers like any other merchant. As such, the deposit process is very easy to understand. Keep in mind that you'll need a verified Neteller account to complete this process - but that's detailed right here, just for you.

Now - here's how to deposit to a forex site with Neteller:

  1. Log in to your chosen broker's website.
  2. Navigate to the payment tab, generally in (or next to) your profile.
  3. Select "Deposit" and enter your preferred currency and desired deposit amount.
  4. Choose Neteller as your payment method.
    • Often, Neteller is listed under "Alternative Payment Methods" or "E-wallets."
  5. Confirm your choice, and you'll be redirected to Neteller - log in and continue.
  6. Double-check that each entry is accurate and confirm the transaction.

The funds will generally clear into your account within fifteen minutes, though it may take up to one hour before they're available. Reach out to Neteller customer support if needed - but be patient.

How to Withdraw From a Forex Site With Neteller

Luckily, Neteller doesn't like making its users' lives difficult. As such, they decided to keep the withdrawal and deposit processes (for forex brokers and other merchants) identical. You'll only have two major differences in the process:

  1. Withdrawn funds will clear in 2-3 days, rather than in one hour.
  2. You will be selecting "Withdraw" (or a similarly-named button), rather than "Deposit."

After this, it's pretty straightforward. Follow the deposit steps listed above and enjoy the withdrawal! 

As per usual, be sure it's all correct before confirming the transaction.

Neteller & Forex Brokers: FAQ

Is forex legal in the UK?

Yes, forex is entirely legal in the UK. Keep in mind, though, that not all brokers are the same. 

You'll want to find a licensed, authorised broker that's regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). If they're not, then you just found a sketchy broker! Congratulations - now, don't use them.

Before choosing any broker, begin by checking the FCA Financial Search Register to see if your broker is properly registered. From there, see if they offer any of the following (if so, it's a good sign):

  1. Rolling spot forex contracts
  2. Spread bet
  4. Contractually Based Investments (CBI)
  5. Security

Is Neteller a smart choice for forex?

Yes! Neteller is incredibly well-suited to forex, along with many other investment opportunities. They've built a reputation for extremely fast payments with state-of-the-art security, and that's exactly what you want when investing in forex. 

What benefits can Neteller offer for forex in the UK?

Beyond the obviously excellent e-money transfer services, Neteller offers its users quite a bit to love. You'll find that they have an incredibly transparent fee and limit structure, meaning you won't be ambushed with mystery fees or sudden freezes on your account.

Additionally, Neteller's wonderful VIP programme lets top users do their thing for drastically reduced fees and a handful of extra great perks.

What makes Neteller so popular with forex brokers in the UK?

Neteller is popular with forex brokers around the world, but UK brokers love them for the same reason everyone else does - Neteller is awesome!

I know that we've hammered this home quite a bit, but Neteller's security and speed make it very well-suited to forex, where seconds can make the difference between turning a profit or a loss.

And, unsurprisingly, forex investors love knowing their funds will be as safe as possible while investing.

Are limits placed on forex traders when using Neteller in the UK?

Yes, you will have some limits placed when trading forex with Neteller in the UK. However, these aren't applied by the broker or Neteller - they come from the government. 

How does the saying go? "Two things are certain in this life: death and taxes."

Yeah - we're talking about taxes.

When creating a forex account with a new broker, you’ll have all profits ranked by the HMRC into one of three categories, depending on how much you make in profits:

Self-Employed TradersPrivate Investors:Speculative Investors:
Those who make most of their annual income through self-employed trading are treated as any other self-employed tax bracket. The details of the UK self-employment tax guidelines are right here.  Private investors have all profits and losses taxed against the capital gains tax, whose details can be found here.  If you don’t make more than £12,300, which is the current (in 2022/23) capital gains (CG) tax allowance, you’re classed as a speculative trader. You do not pay CG taxes on forex, spread betting, or CFDs until meeting this threshold.

UK Location Restrictions

UK citizens are able to use Neteller and trade forex without any major restrictions. 

UK Age Restrictions

All UK citizens are required to be at least eighteen (18) years of age to invest in forex, and Neteller requires all users to be at least 18 years old to make use of any of its services.

UK Forex Trading: A History

Neteller is an e-money transfer service with millions of users in dozens of countries around the world. This UK-based company is owned by its American parent company, the Paysafe Group.

Ultimately, this means that Neteller is regulated by both the British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the American Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), meaning they're held to a massive standard. Additionally, you'll find that Neteller obsessively follows the letter of the law, ensuring you can rest easy knowing your money is incredibly secure from bad actors.

This has earned them plenty of love in recent years, but forex investors particularly love Neteller due to its VIP programme. I mean, reduced FX fees, higher account limits, and multiple top-tier services are pretty dang hard to pass up - especially when linking your account with eWalletBooster.

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