Paul McKenna

Oct 10 2022

Skrill VIP Programme Explained + How To Get It For Free

Learn about the Skrill VIP Programme and how to get a bonus which provides reduced fees, higher limits and lots more benefits!

Recently, Skrill made a number of updates to its VIP program with some exciting new developments.

We are pleased to bring you the latest information on the Skrill VIP program, and to advise you on how to make the most of your Skrill account.

Table of Contents:

  1. How to Gain Skrill VIP Status
  2. Skrill VIP Status, Explained
  3. Skrill VIP Requirements and Levels
  4. Skrill VIP Benefits
  5. Skrill VIP Support
  6. Skrill Knect
  7. Further Reading

How to Gain Skrill VIP Status

Skrill likes to make things simple, meaning you gain your VIP tier(s) automatically as you meet specific requirements.

Each Skrill VIP level has a different transfer volume requirement per quarter. For example, you need to transfer €45,000 per quarter to achieve Gold VIP.

As soon as you pass a new VIP threshold during a particular quarter, your Skrill account will automatically be upgraded to the respective VIP status. Following this, you will receive an email notification of your new VIP Level.

If you reach Gold or Diamond VIP, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will contact you to discuss any requirements or issues that you may have (more on that below).

Skrill VIP Status, Explained

You can check your Skrill VIP status by logging in and scrolling to the bottom of the main dashboard page.

Here you will find your current VIP status, which will include the transfer requirement to maintain your current status for the next quarter and/or the transfer requirement to reach the next level of VIP status.

Your Skrill VIP status is assessed on a quarterly basis. The Skrill VIP quarters are:


Once you have met the requirement for any VIP status, you have secured this for the current quarter and for the subsequent quarter.

For example, let’s take the following example:

  1. You transfer €15,000+ in January, and your VIP status is upgraded to Silver automatically (Skrill Silver VIP is €15,000 requirement).
  2. You have, at this point, secured Silver VIP for Quarter 1 and Quarter 2.
  3. Between 4th February and 11th February, you transfer €30,000
  4. Since we are still in Quarter 1 (January-March), your total transfer volume is now €45,000, which triggers Gold VIP
  5. You have now secured Gold VIP for the current quarter (Quarter 1 – January to March) and for the subsequent quarter (Quarter 2 – April to June), which means you will maintain Gold VIP status all the way up to the end of June.
  6. To keep Gold VIP for Quarter 3 (July to September), you would need to transfer a minimum of €45,000 in Quarter 2

Skrill VIP Requirements and Levels

Your VIP level is assessed according to your transfer to merchant volume and crypto purchase or trade volume.

Once you reach a certain VIP level you have secured it for the current and subsequent quarter.

Each VIP level has different requirements and benefits. Please refer to the Skrill VIP comparison table below.

Silver VIPGold VIPDiamond VIP
Dedicated 24/7 VIP CareDedicated 24/7 VIP CareDedicated 24/7 VIP Care
2.89% FX Fees2.59% FX Fees1.99% FX Fees
Free* Money (P2P) TransfersFree* Money (P2P) TransfersFree* Money (P2P) Transfers
Priority Bank UploadPriority Bank UploadPriority Bank Upload
1.50% crypto buy/sell transactions for accounts in USD and EUR1.50% crypto buy/sell transactions for accounts in USD and EUR1.50% crypto buy/sell transactions for accounts in USD and EUR
3.00% crypto buy/sell transactions for accounts in other currencies3.00% crypto buy/sell transactions for accounts in other currencies3.00% crypto buy/sell transactions for accounts in other currencies
Free Skrill Prepaid MasterCardFree Skrill Prepaid MasterCardFree Skrill Prepaid MasterCard
+1 Multi-currency account+2 Multi-currency accounts+3 Multi-currency accounts
Free bank withdrawalsFree bank withdrawalsFree bank withdrawals
€1,500 Daily ATM withdrawal limits€3,000 Daily ATM withdrawal limits€5,000 Daily ATM withdrawal limits
Free ATM withdrawalsFree ATM withdrawalsFree ATM withdrawals
€3,000 Daily POS limits€5,000 Daily POS limits€10,000 Daily POS limits
Free card replacement Free card replacement Free card replacement 
No annual card feesNo annual card feesNo annual card fees
N/ADedicated account manager Dedicated account manager 

No upload fee will be charged for single upload transactions  of EUR 20,000 (or equivalent) or higher (after the deduction of any applicable bank or currency conversion fees). All other upload transactions will be charged at 1.00%.

*A money transfer fee of 1.45% will be applied to members of specific countries and VIP tiers. Contact Skrill support to see if you are among them before completing your first transfer to avoid fees.

Skrill VIP Benefits

Skrill VIPs (regardless of their tier) enjoy the following benefits:

  • Reduced FX fees
  • Guaranteed limit increase
  • Free Skrill Prepaid Mastercard
  • Free card replacement fees
  • Free ATM withdrawal fees
  • Increased transfer limits
  • Dedicated 24/7 VIP care
  • Free P2P send money transfers

We here at eWalletBooster have partnered with them and can make you a Skrill VIP straight away.

As you progress through the higher VIP levels, the benefits increase incrementally, such as your FX fees gradually reducing from 3.99% to 1.99%, your ATM withdrawal limit increasing from €900 (or equivalent) to €5000 and additional multi-currency accounts.

You will also get additional benefits from Gold VIP upwards, such as a personal account manager and exclusive invites to VIP experiences such as tournaments, trips, exclusive networking opportunities and access to some of the most sought-after experiences you can think of.

Previous experiences for top-level VIPs have included invitations to events such as the Champions League Final, Centre Court at Wimbledon, and Supercar driving experiences.

Other VIPs have also been known to receive gifts such as Tiffany’s jewellery and all-expenses-paid trips to destinations as varied as New York and The Maldives.

Skrill VIP Support

For Gold VIP and higher levels, you will be assigned a dedicated personal account manager.

As soon as you trigger Gold or a higher VIP, a personal manager from Skrill will get in contact with you.

Any issues that you have can quickly be resolved by reaching out to your manager. They will speak your language and will be better qualified to understand your specific requirements.

Skrill Knect

Skrill Knect is a relatively new addition to the Skrill VIP program.

Read on to find out more about loyalty points, wallet credit and the benefits of Skrill Knect.

We will explain everything there is to know about Knect: How it works, who is eligible, what benefits are on offer, and how to get started.

How to join Skrill Knect?

Please note that in order to join Knect you must be a current Skrill account holder of an active and fully verified Skrill Account.

If your Skrill account is not verified, you will see a message advising you that you will not be able to join the Knect program. If you still need to verify your Skrill account please refer to how to verify your Skrill account.

Assuming your account is verified, joining the Skrill Knect program could not be easier. Follow the steps outlined below to get started.

  1. Login to your Skrill account and click on the "Knect" tab on the left-hand side menu.
  2. Review and agree to the T&Cs and click "Join Now."
  3. Next, you will see a pop-up box recommending you review your marketing settings and preferences. It is advisable to click through to your review settings to make sure that all marketing preferences are selected. This is because, although all Knect offers will always be accessible within the loyalty section of your account, you may miss certain offers if you do not log in regularly.
  4. Finally, you will be directed to the Knect dashboard, where you can check your current points and points history and learn how to earn and spend points.

How to earn Knect points?

There are 6 methods for earning points and each activity generates a different number of points.

Below you find a comparison table of what points every action contributes towards your total Knect points:

Transfer TypePointsInfo
Withdraw1.00Earn 1 point for every €1* you withdraw from Skrill
Deposit1.00Earn 1 point for every €1* you deposit to Skrill
Skrill Prepaid MasterCard1.00Earn 1 point for every €1* you spend/withdraw using your card offline & online
Send Crypto0.50Earn 0.5 points for every €1* of crypto you send to another Skrill user
Trade Crypto1.00Earn 1 point for every €1 of crypto you buy/sell
Merchant Transfers0.25Earn 0.25 points for every €1* you transfer to merchants

*Or your local equivalent.

When you click through to the Spend Points tab, you will see your available personalised gifts. Initially, it is likely you will just see the Wallet Credit option.

What is Wallet Credit?

Wallet Credit is a cash voucher that will be credited to your Skrill account when you exchange your points. There are five different tiers for you to exchange your points for Wallet Credit which will be listed in two currencies: Euro’s and the currency of your Skrill account.

You will also see the current Skrill exchange rate applied so that you can see exactly how much Wallet Credit you will receive in your chosen currency.

If your account is in Euros, you will not see any currency conversion.

Wallet Credit Conversion

The table below shows the tiers available for you to exchange your points for cash.

Pointe RequiredWallet Credit

Please note that new rewards and offers will continually appear in the spend points section of your Knect dashboard, so we advise you to keep checking your account and your chosen marketing channels to stay up-to-date with what rewards are currently available. Offers may include but are not limited to gifts such as vouchers, discounts, free bets and bonuses.

Additionally, Skrill has made clear that they will run special promotions to groups of users from time to time. If you’re selected, you will be contacted by the Skrill Knect team.

Special promotions may allow you to boost your points by participating.

Loyalty points limits

Limits are applied to the number of points you can earn per transaction and calendar month.

  • Transaction limit – you can earn a maximum of 1000 loyalty points per transaction.
  • Monthly limit – you can earn a maximum of 500,000 loyalty points per calendar month.

Example 1

  • You earn 1 loyalty point for every €1 you deposit into Skrill. Therefore, if you deposit €1000 into your Skrill account, you will receive 1000 loyalty points.
  • However, if you made a deposit of €1500, you would still only receive 1000 loyalty points.

Example 2

  1. You earn 0.25 loyalty points for every €1 you transfer to merchants.
  2. Since the maximum number of points that can be earned in a month is 500,000, if you transfer €2m in a month, you will receive 500,000 points. (€2m x 0.25 = 500,000.)
  3. However, any transfers to merchants over €2m or any other qualifying transaction* will not generate any further loyalty points in the same month
    • *Deposits, withdrawals, Skrill-to-Skrill (P2P) transfers, Skrill MasterCard transactions, buy/sell crypto

Points expiration

Your loyalty points will expire on the 1st of January of the year following the year in which your points were earned.

Essentially, when you earn loyalty points, they will be valid for the current year and the full succeeding year.

Example 1

  1. You earn 1000 loyalty points on 21st March 2022.
  2. Your points will be valid until 1st January 2024.

Example 2

  1. You earn 250,000 loyalty points in December 2022
  2. Your points will be valid until 1st January 2024

Important Skrill Knect Terms & Conditions

When you sign up for the Knect loyalty programme you should take note of the following terms so that you do not get removed from the program.

  • Purposely entering false information during the sign-up process may lead to your Knect membership being cancelled and forfeiting any accrued points.
  • If you do not make a qualifying transaction within a 12-month period, your Knect membership will be deactivated, and all your points will be forfeited. You can reapply to join Knect after you have been deactivated but all points accrued before deactivation will be permanently lost.
  • All points earned in a calendar year must be redeemed in full by the end of the following year.

Further Reading

If you have further questions related to Skrill, we suggest reading the following articles:

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