Earn unlimited cashback on all your transactions

All new customers welcome. Eligibility for existing customers is restricted.

Contact us for more information. Terms apply.


Earn unlimited cashback on all your transactions

All new customers welcome. Eligibility for existing customers is restricted. Contact us for more information. Terms apply.

...How does it work? With 3 easy steps...

Simply register at eWalletBooster, submit your ewallet account through our application form and once approved you will start earning cashback on all your transactions.



Register a free account and submit an application for your eWallet account.



Once your account is approved, any transfer you make using your eWallet account will earn cashback.



Cashback stats are updated every 24 hours with enhanced reporting to monitor your figures.

Benefits of joining

Benefits of joining

Why join us?

At we don't just provide you with the most generous cashback available anywhere on the internet. Once your onboard, any account issues will be resolved a lot faster and efficiently than if you had signed up directly with Skrill, Neteller or Ecopayz. Our team have close to a decade of experience working with eWallet providers and can assist you to get verified and VIP status faster, whilst our close relationship with our partners allow us to resolve any issues immediately.

  • Earn flexible cashback rate - we do not restrict the top rate
  • Stats updated every 24 hours with enhanced reporting
  • Analyse which transfers earn a higher rate of cashback
  • Email and SMS reports of your cashback stats
  • Top level customer support for VIP account holders

  • How much can you earn?

    Select your chosen eWallet provider from below to view how much you could earn.

    *Please view each ewallet page to find out more detailed information about each provider and cashback scheme

    Neteller Cashback
    Use the slider to see how much you could earn.

    Total Neteller transfers


    eWalletBooster Cashback ()


    NETELLER VIP Rewards ()

    Earnings summary

    VIP Membership

    EWB Cashback Bonus: 0.00*

    Neteller VIP Bonus: 0.00

    * Estimated cashback rate based on our overall average. The actual rate may be higher or lower depending on the merchants you are transferring to.

    Frequently asked questions...

    I already have an account at one of your listed ewallet providers. Can I still apply?

    If you are an existing account holder at Neteller, Skrill or Ecopayz you can still submit an application. Your application will be assessed by the ewallet provider and they will let us know whether you can join our scheme. For existing account holders your application will likely be refused if you have recent transactions on your ewallet account, are already a VIP or have been referred by another site when you opened your account. The final decision, however, rests with the ewallet.

    Is the cashback rate indicated in the slider above guaranteed?

    The slider above (EWB Cashback Bonus) is an estimate based on the overall monthly average rate of cashback that our customers receive. As a general guide, high-volume type betting sites and betting exchanges are likely to generate a lower rate than other sites, however they rarely generate a lower rate than 0.35%. If you use your ewallet to transfer funds to a wide variety of sites you should have no problem achieving 0.55% cashback on your transactions.

    Is the VIP Rewards bonus guaranteed?

    The VIP Rewards bonus is paid to you directly from Neteller. You need to maintain your VIP level to achieve the generous bonuses on offer and can view your rewards within the VIP section of your Neteller account. As long as you maintain your VIP status you will achieve the suggested bonus rate and associated benefits.

    How often are my stats updated and where can I view them?

    Your cashback stats for EWB cashback will be updated every 24 hours. Please login to the dashboard to view your stats.

    How do I receive my cashback and when is it paid?

    On the 3rd day of each month, your cashback for the previous month will be confirmed and become payable. Your cashback will be sent directly to your ewallet account. You need to login and request payment