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Paul McKenna

Oct 02 2022

In Depth Neteller Review 2022 by specialist eWalletBooster

An extensive review of Neteller in 2022. What they offer compared to the rest of the market, and how you benefit when linking your account to eWalletBooster.

Neteller is a longstanding name in the e-money and e-wallet world. They've been around for over two decades and have branched into countless industries - but what do they offer to the average user? Today, we're taking a peek at Neteller's offerings to see if they stack up to the competition.

Below, you'll find a breakdown of Neteller's history, followed by a full review of their offerings to see if they're worth your time - let's dive in.

Table of Contents:

  1. Neteller Basics
  2. Neteller Card
  3. Neteller Support
  4. The Final Say
  5. Further Reading

Neteller Basics

Neteller is many things, but at its simplest, it's an e-wallet service that offers both individuals and businesses an effortless, fast, and secure means to move money online. As one of the largest independent e-money transfer services in the world, Neteller processes billions in transactions each year in over 200 countries.

There are 26 major currencies currently available for Neteller users, which can be loaded into the account through a bank, credit/debit card, or instant wire transfer, among many more. While the speed and type of available deposit methods vary by country, many of them process near-instantly (usually within fifteen minutes). 

This means that the funds you keep on Neteller are equally capable of paying your friend back for that cup of tea, a quick merchant transaction, or used in shops that accept MasterCard (should you opt to use the Neteller prepaid MasterCard).

This ease of use and speed with which you can complete transactions has earned Neteller recognition in a swathe of industries. Both professionals and individuals alike love Neteller; its combination of seamless and secure access to funds for gambling, P2P payments, and investment in cryptocurrency and forex simply makes it too hard to pass up.

And, since you don't need a bank account to use Neteller, the pains of long waiting times to transfer money and having it blocked and queried can be left in the past, where they belong.

What is Neteller?

Neteller is a British e-money transfer company that was acquired by the American PaySafe Group in 2015. They offer P2P & merchant, forex, online gaming, and crypto services to users in dozens of countries and global currencies.

Paysafe Group Limited is a multinational e-wallet company that offers services under the Paysafe brand and its subsidiaries. The most notable of these subsidiaries include Skrill, Neteller, and Paysafecard - but all of this means nothing until you know Neteller can be trusted. 

So - is Neteller safe?

Is Neteller Safe?

Neteller has been around for over twenty years. They began in the early 2000s as an e-money transfer service, and have since grown to cover many fields. As an English company, Neteller is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) - but that's not all. Each country in which Neteller operates has its own version (for example, the SEC in the States), meaning they're held to an incredibly high standard.

Additionally, the PaySafe Group is listed on the London Stock Exchange's FTSE 250 index with recorded revenue of $1 billion in 2016. This means quite a few things, but most importantly, it means that they're a massive company that's heavily regulated. And as such, they're required by law to keep 100% of all clients' funds in a trust account. This ensures that your money is safe and ready for use at any moment.

Ultimately, with this regulation, in combination with Neteller's top-tier modern encryption and secondary security measures (SSL encryption, Two Factor Authentication, and more), you can use Neteller with the utmost peace of mind.

Neteller Card

Neteller has two general cards that it offers (both MasterCard): the Net+ Prepaid MasterCard and the Net+ Virtual Mastercard.

You can find a quick summary of each down below.

Net+ Prepaid Mastercard


The Net+ Mastercard is used as you would any other physical card, with the exception that it's a prepaid card. You load Neteller funds onto the card and are then able to spend it (similar to a debit card, for that matter).

You can also withdraw cash from ATMs and shop online.

As of November 2020, Neteller started issuing Net+ Cards in EUR currency only. However, you can still use your card in your native currency and not be charged FX conversion fees. Find out more about Neteller fees here.

Net+ Prepaid Mastercard Fees & Limits

*The fees and limits below are for regular accounts and depend on whether your Neteller account has VIP status. Link your Neteller account to eWalletBooster to get an instant Neteller VIP Upgrade. Click here to get your FREE Neteller VIP upgrade.

*Note that all fees are listed in USD; fees for members of the EU and UK (for example) will have theirs as the equivalent in EUR or GBP.

Fees & LimitsNon-VIPSilverGoldDiamondExclusive
Net+ MasterCard Application$10FreeFreeFreeFree
Replacement Card$10FreeFreeFreeFree
Cash Withdrawal€900/per day€900/per day€3,000/per day€3,000/per day€3,000/per day
ATM Withdrawal1.75%1.75%1.75%$6$6
POS Limit€2,700/per day€2,700/per day€7,000/per day€7,000/per day€7,000/per day
Annual Fee$10FreeFreeFreeFree

Net+ Virtual Prepaid Mastercard

If you're more of an online shopper, Neteller has you covered with its Net+ Virtual Prepaid MasterCard. This card acts as any other digital card and can be used with thousands of sites without needing to hold the card in your hand (or wallet).

Assuming your Neteller account is topped up, you'll be able to use the card effortlessly.

The main benefit of owning the Net+ Virtual card over the Net+ Prepaid card is that you do not have to pay for the card to be delivered so is absolutely free to get started and is available to use as soon as you create your Neteller account.

Net+ Virtual Prepaid Mastercard Fees & Limits

Card Order FeeFree
Cancelled Card Replacement$2.50 (in USD, converted to your local equivalent)
Max Transaction€2,700
Max Purchases in 24 Hours10
Max POS Purchases in 24 Hours€2,700

How to deposit money into Neteller?

Neteller offers a huge range of deposit methods to fund your account. For uploads of over $20,000 (or currency equivalent) no fees will be charged whilst all other options carry a 2.5% deposit fee on the upload value.

Neteller withdrawal methods

Neteller offers several withdrawal methods which range in fees and speed of processing. Once again, fees can vary based on your VIP status. This makes it of the utmost importance that you quickly acquire Neteller VIP status to ensure you get the best rates and limits on your account. 

Below is a general guide:

Bank Transfer$10
Member Wire$12.75
Merchant SitesFree
Money TransferSee P2P Fees
Net+ Prepaid MasterCard1.75% or $6 

Neteller Support

There are many ways for you to get in contact with Neteller support. While we'll outline all of your options, if you have an urgent inquiry, please contact EWalletBooster via livechat, email, or skype - it's possible we may be able to solve your issue more quickly.

Neteller live chat

If you need direct, human help from Neteller staff, they offer a livechat option for instant answers. They're available 24/7 and offer several languages, ensuring you can get timely customer support when it's needed most.

Neteller contact number

You can speak to Neteller customer support over the phone for urgent enquiries. Neteller has call support in several languages:

International+44 20 3308 9525Mon-Fri 8am - 5pm GMT
Australia+61 2 8279 864324/5 Mon-Fri
Brazil+55 21 4042 107224/5 Mon-Fri
Japan+81 3 4579 552424/5 Mon-Fri
Spain+34 91 7693583Mon-Fri 9am - 6pm local time
UK+44 120444 0908Mon-Fri 8am - 5pm GMT
France+33 1856 53457Mon-Fri 9am - 6pm local time
Germany+49 21599279504Mon-Fri 9am - 6pm local time
Italy+39 06 4523 6988Mon-Fri 9am - 6pm local time
Tunisia+216 3130 0396Mon-Fri 9am - 6pm local time

Neteller email support

For less urgent enquiries, you can utilise the email support option provider by Neteller. The usual response time is 1-3 business days.

The Final Say

With Neteller's top-tier combination of peerless security, incredible transaction speed, and wildly reasonable fees and limits, it's an easy choice. They offer users so much, and VIPs just get more - making it a very tempting offer. If you're in the crypto, forex, or gambling scenes, you already know that Neteller is a very powerful tool - but if you're not, there is still quite a bit on offer from Neteller.

From P2P and merchant purchases to a quick dip into FX trading, Neteller offers so many ways to use your money without the hassle of long wait times, account queries, and blocked transactions. So swing by EWalletBooster today to see how we can get you going with the VIP treatment.

Further Reading

If you have further questions related to Neteller, we suggest reading the following articles:

Get a FREE Fast Silver VIP Upgrade on Your Neteller account with eWalletBooster

arrow right iconGet NETELLER “Fast Silver VIP” status for FREE

arrow right iconGet NETELLER “Silver VIP” for only $6,000

arrow right iconFREE Verification (no deposit required!)

arrow right iconPriority verification (less than 12 hours!)

arrow right iconFREE P2P (peer-to-peer) transfers

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