Paul McKenna

Oct 21 2022

AstroPay VIP Programme Explained + How To Get It For Free

Learn about the AstroPay VIP Programme and how to get a bonus which provides reduced fees, higher limits and cashback on your deposits!

AstroPay is one of the world's most beloved e-money transfer services. They offer super secure, near-instant P2P transactions, currency conversion, crypto, and more - but that's only the beginning. If you love reduced fees, raised limits, and some cheeky cashback, you'll love AstroPay's loyalty programme.

When you use the platform consistently, you'll become a VIP; so today, we're talking about how to make that happen and, importantly, what it means.

Table of Contents:

  1. What is the AstroPay VIP programme?
  2. AstroPay VIP + eWalletBooster
  3. Further Reading

Okay, with that out of the way, let's make you a VIP.

What is the AstroPay VIP Programme?

First things first - what the heck is the AstroPay VIP/Loyalty programme? 

It's worth noting that AstroPay recently launched its second form of rewards. They initially had a loyalty programme, though now they have a true VIP system - let's take a look.

The loyalty programme and VIP programme have the same idea; reward regular users for their (surprise) loyalty. AstroPay's VIP system is new and, as such, working through a few details, but that won't stop us from talking about it. Let's start with the AstroPay VIP tiers:

AstroPay VIP Tiers

There are five tiers to AstroPay's VIP programme: Standard, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The first two come from registering and verifying your account (respectively), while the others have a few extra requirements. 

The more you progress, the more is required - but we're getting there.

AstroPay VIP Requirements

The requirements for AstroPay's VIP programme are simple and can be seen below:

Purchase Average per Two-Months (60 Days)*Account AgeOther Requirement(s)Tier
None.New.Register, upload depositStandard
$2002 months (60 days)None.Bronze
$3,0002 months (60 days)Silver
$8,0003 months (90 days)Gold
$15,0006 months (180 days)Platinum

*Purchase average refers to consecutive months meeting the purchase average.

Also, remember that you don't need to spend this much daily; rather, it's cumulative. So, if you spend $3,000 over one month (and have used the platform for at least 2 months), you'll be a Silver VIP until the second month passes.

AstroPay VIP Perks

So what does AstroPay VIP offer to users of various tiers? Look below to find out.

Special Offers on Account Creation AnniversaryGift?Priority Support?
AstroPay StandardYes!No.No.
AstroPay BronzeYes!No.No.
AstroPay SilverYes!$50No.
AstroPay GoldYes!$200Yes!
AstroPay PlatinumYes!$500Yes!

The gifts you receive can be redeemed on AstroPay or occasionally consist of personalised gifts of the listed value. It's also worth noting that users gain AstroCoins by simply using their accounts. These function as "internal currency" and can be exchanged for a specific cash value:

AstroCoin ValueGBP Value (or Local Equivalent)

AstroPay + eWalletBooster

And finally, we make it to the best part - free stuff! 

If you like free stuff (don't lie now...), you'll love what AstroPay and eWalletBooster offer to users. Take five minutes, connect your accounts, and you'll gain the following:

  1. Free instant Bronze VIP
  2. Free verification (vs. £10)
  3. Fast-tracked verification (12 hrs. vs upto 3 days)
  4. Free P2P transfers
  5. Raised account limits
  6. Cashback via eWalletBooster
  7. Exclusive eWalletBooster Rewards Dashboard
  8. Refer-a-friend rewards

If you want to get the most out of your AstroPay account with eWalletBooster, click here to get started. You'll need the following:

  1. First & last name
  2. AstroPay account ID
  3. Email (the same you used with AstroPay)
  4. Roughly five minutes.

Seriously - that's it. You'll pay nothing and get a lot in return.

Further Reading

If you have further questions related to AstroPay, we suggest reading the following articles:

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