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Paul McKenna

Jul 05 2023

Unlock Exclusive Benefits with AstroPay's VIP Loyalty Program

Unlock exclusive benefits and rewards with AstroPay's VIP Loyalty Program. Earn AstroCoins for various actions and reach higher VIP levels to enjoy increased cashback, VIP experiences and a range of perks. PLUS: Discover how to get Black VIP from day one.

AstroPay is a globally recognised payment solution trusted by millions of users worldwide. With its virtual prepaid card and secure online payment processing, AstroPay has become a popular choice for online transactions, including shopping, gaming, and gambling. In this article, we'll delve into the details of AstroPay's VIP Loyalty Program, discover what sets it apart, and learn how you can fast-track your way to the Black VIP level, with the assistance of ewalletbooster.

Table of Contents:

  1. What is the AstroPay VIP programmme?
  2. How to Earn AstroCoins
  3. AstroPay VIP Benefits
  4. Conclusion
  5. AstroPay Black VIP Upgrade +
  6. Further Reading

What is the AstroPay VIP Programme?

Over time, AstroPay has refined its VIP loyalty program to provide enhanced benefits to its users. Previously known as the VIP program with levels like Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, AstroPay has recently introduced the "Rewards Program," which offers a superior loyalty experience. The core of the VIP levels is based on earning AstroCoins, a form of loyalty points that can be exchanged for various benefits. Let's explore the details below.

AstroPay VIP Levels


AstroPay's Rewards Program now features four levels: Standard, Silver, Platinum, and Black. Your VIP level is determined by the number of AstroCoins earned throughout the lifetime of your AstroPay account. What sets AstroPay's loyalty program apart is that once you reach a specific VIP level, such as Black, you maintain that status indefinitely. This is unlike other e-wallet programs such as Skrill and Neteller that are calculated quarterly and therefore require continuous activity to maintain VIP status.

Let's dive deeper into the VIP requirements for each level.

Lifetime AstroCoins0 > 30003,000 > 20,00020,000 > 300,000300,000 +
Earning Multiplier1x2x2x3x

How to Earn AstroCoins?


Earning AstroCoins is the key to progressing through the VIP levels.

As your VIP level increases, you earn more AstroCoins per transaction (shown in the multiplier in the table above and set out in detail below).

Here are the different ways to earn AstroCoins:

Debit Card Payments

  • Standard Level: 1 USD = 20 AstroCoins
  • Silver and Platinum Levels: 1 USD = 40 AstroCoins
  • Black Level: 1 USD = 60 AstroCoins

By funding your AstroPay account with a debit card, you can earn AstroCoins. It's important to note that earning AstroCoins through debit card funding is different from making purchases at shops or gaming/gambling merchants. The accumulation of AstroCoins here is based on topping up your AstroPay wallet balance using a debit card.

Deposit to Merchant *

  • Standard Level: 1 USD = 10 AstroCoins
  • Silver and Platinum Levels: 1 USD = 20 AstroCoins
  • Black Level: 1 USD = 30 AstroCoins

AstroPay is commonly used for two main purposes: spending money at gambling/gaming merchants and sending money to friends and family.

When you deposit funds from your AstroPay wallet balance to a gambling or gaming website, you have the opportunity to earn AstroCoins.

* Please note that if you purchase an AstroPay voucher to use on a gambling site, this will not count and will not earn AstroCoins.

Cashout from Merchant Site to AstroPay

  • Standard Level: 1 USD = 10 AstroCoins
  • Silver and Platinum Levels: 1 USD = 20 AstroCoins
  • Black Level: 1 USD = 30 AstroCoins

By cashing out your balance from a merchant site back to your AstroPay account, you can earn AstroCoins.

For instance, if you have a €1,000 balance in and you decide to withdraw your funds back to AstroPay, this transaction will result in the accumulation of AstroCoins.

  • Standard Level: 1 USD = 10 AstroCoins
  • Silver and Platinum Levels: 1 USD = 20 AstroCoins
  • Black Level: 1 USD = 30 AstroCoins

For individuals familiar with e-wallets like Skrill or Neteller, understanding the concept of a 'Payment link' may pose some challenges.

Nevertheless, this feature is highly popular in certain countries within the AstroPay ecosystem. Essentially, a payment link functions as an invoice that you create and transmit to other AstroPay users to settle a balance.

If you generate a payment link and the recipient successfully completes the payment, you will earn AstroCoins.

Other Ways to Earn AstroCoins

In addition to these methods, AstroPay users can complete various challenges to earn AstroCoins, such as sign up bonuses, email confirmation rewards, KYC validation incentives, and exclusive bonuses for specific regions.

  • Registration Bonus: Sign up and receive 100 AstroCoins to kickstart your journey.
  • Email Confirmation: Verify your email address and earn 150 AstroCoins.
  • KYC Validation: Unlike many other e-wallets, AstroPay doesn't require immediate account verification. However, once your account reaches a certain level, they may request KYC documents. To make the process more rewarding, AstroPay grants you 250 AstroCoins upon completing KYC verification.
  • Brazilian Exclusive: If you register your Pix Key with AstroPay, our friends from Brazil can enjoy a generous reward of 500 AstroCoins.

AstroPay VIP Benefits


Now that we have a clear understanding of the loyalty level requirements and how to accumulate AstroCoins, let's delve into the exciting part: the rewards you can exchange your AstroCoins for!

Before we proceed, please note that the account used in our examples has GBP as the account currency. However, most of our valued AstroPay clients use EUR or USD, so the equivalent amounts in EUR or USD will apply to your earnings.

Once you access the rewards section of your AstroPay account, you'll find your "redeemable" AstroCoins. There are four enticing categories to choose from: Experiences, Sports, Technology, and Balance.

In the following sections, we will provide a summary of each category, starting with the most popular section of the rewards program.


Within the balance section, you have the opportunity to convert your AstroCoins directly into cash.


Here are the available exchange options (please note that if you're not using GBP, the amounts will be equivalent in your currency):

  • 50,000 AC's for GBP 23
  • 35,000 AC's for GBP 15
  • 20,000 AC's for GBP 7
  • 12,000 AC's for GBP 3

This presents an exciting opportunity to effectively earn a top level rate of 1.80% cashback on all your eligible transactions made with AstroPay.

We covered how to earn AstroCoins above but let's break down into further detail how generous the 'Balance' section of the loyalty program is (especially if you are Black Level).

Debit card payments

As we learnt before, by making a wallet top up in AstroPay via debit card you receive 60 AstroCoins per 1 USD deposited.

So a $1,000 top up via debit card will earn you 60,000 AstroCoins which as you can see from the screenshot above would be enough to exchange into £23 (or currency equivalent).

Deposit to merchant

If you are Black Level VIP, you earn 30 AstroCoins per 1 USD deposited to merchants. So if you deposited $1,000 to with your AstroPay account you would generate 30,000 AstroCoins.

Cashout from merchant site to AstroPay

Again if you are Black Level VIP and you cashed out $800 from a merchant back to your AstroPay account, you would generate 30 AstroCoins per 1 USD so in this case you would earn 24,000 AstroCoins.

Just consider how generous this offer is - in this example, you could load your AstroPay with $1,000 (60,000 AstroCoins) then deposit to a merchant (30,000 AstroCoins) and then withdraw back to AstroPay (24,000 AstroCoins).

That whole process would generate 114,000 AstroCoins which you could effectively exchange 100,000 AstroCoins for £46 and still have 14,000 left over!

This is so crazily beneficial to users that we had to double check with AstroPay to confirm that they had not made a mistake!


Enjoy unique experiences with AstroPay's commercial partners. Current experiences include meet and greets with Wolverhampton Wanderers players, tennis experiences, NBA experiences, egaming experiences, F1 experiences, and signed Wolves merchandise.


Access sports-related merchandise and rewards, primarily focused on Wolverhampton Wanderers at present.


Redeem your AstroCoins for various tech products. The selection is currently limited but expected to expand in the coming months.


AstroPay's VIP loyalty program offers unmatched benefits in the industry. With the opportunity to earn up to 1.8% cashback through AstroCoins and the ability to accumulate rewards for funding and withdrawals, AstroPay stands out among other loyalty programs. Whether you're a frequent online shopper, gamer, or gambler, the AstroPay VIP program ensures that your loyalty is rewarded. Start earning AstroCoins today and unlock exclusive benefits with AstroPay.

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Get a FREE BLACK VIP Upgrade on Your AstroPay account with eWalletBooster.

arrow right iconGet AstroPay “Black Level” status for FREE

arrow right icon1.00-1.80% AstroPay VIP Cashback

arrow right iconFREE P2P transfers

arrow right iconFREE Verification (no deposit required!)

arrow right iconPriority verification



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