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Paul McKenna

Oct 21 2022

AstroPay Fees, Limits and How To Get A Better Deal In 2023

A breakdown of all AstroPay fees and limits. We also show you how to get a much better deal with them by linking up with eWalletBooster.

AstroPay is an excellent service for those who want to trade, gamble or do pretty much anything online. As with any e-wallet it comes with fees and limits. However, they are pretty good compared to their competitors as you will see below.

Today's Topics Include:

  1. AstroPay Fees, Explained
  2. AstroPay Limits, Explained
  3. AstroPay Fee FAQ
  4. AstroPay Limit FAQ
  5. Further Reading

Let's dig into the fees and limits!

AstroPay Fees, Explained

This is a surprisingly simple section. Whereas most e-money transfer services and e-wallets have an ostensible shopping list of fees, AstroPay keeps things simple. Take a peek at the table below to see why so many AstroPay users love the service:

AstroPay Fee
Deposit FeeFree.
Account MaintenanceFree.
Registration FeeFree.
Bank Withdrawal FeeFree.
Card Withdrawal Fee0.50%
Check Withdrawal Fee0.50%
Send Money FeeFree.
Receive Money FeeFree.

See, simple! Note that there are a few exceptions with the bottom two (send/receive money) sections. 

All AstroPay members can transfer to other AstroPay members (P2P) for free. 

However, international transfers and those to non-AstroPay members may incur a small variable fee. Currency conversion is the most common fee on these transactions, though it will follow the current exchange rate rather than tacking on a massive 4-5% fee (like some services).

With eWalletBooster

Believe it or not, though, this gets even better - eWalletBooster users of AstroPay gain access to even lower fees and raised limits (more on that in the next section). Some of the most popular features we offer are:

  1. Free verification (vs. $10)
  2. Fast-tracked verification (under 12 hours vs. up to 3 days)
  3. Free AstroPay Instant Black VIP
  4. 1.00-1.80% AstroPay VIP Cashback
  5. 0.25-0.40% ewalletbooster cashback
  6. Free P2P transfers (for all transfers)
  7. And more!

All you'll need is roughly five minutes and the following items (and it's all free):

  • First & last name
  • AstroPay account ID
  • Preferred language & currency
  • Email (the same you used with AstroPay)

You can get your cashback on AstroPay and find out more here.

AstroPay Limits, Explained

Now - AstroPay's limits are slightly more complicated. They come in seven categories, each broken down by limits based on time (per transaction, day, month, year).

Limit TypePer Transaction MinPer Transaction MaxPer DayPer MonthPer Year
Bank Deposits$100 $500,000$500,000$800,000$1 Million
Bank Withdrawal$1$500,000$500,000$800,000$1.5 Million
Cash Deposits$100 $10,000$30,000$100,000$300,000
Cash Withdrawal$1,000$10,000$30,000$200,000$500,000
Buy Crypto$1,400$10,000, 5 max per day$500,000$800,000$1 Million
Sell Crypto$1,414$500,000, 5 max per day$500,000$800,000$1.5 Million
Crypto Conversion$25 per$5,000, 10 max per day$5,000$20,000$50,000

Additionally, if you're ever struggling to find a particular limit, there's an easy fix. Go to the transaction type in AstroPay (withdrawal, crypto purchase, etc.) and look beneath the transaction menu - your limit will be clearly displayed.

With eWalletBooster

I can already hear you asking, "So, how can I get more?" Fortunately, that's a simple answer - with eWalletBooster! Connecting your accounts (for free, mind you) earns you the following immediately:

  1. Free AstroPay Instant Black VIP
  2. 1.00-1.80% AstroPay VIP Cashback
  3. 0.25-0.40% ewalletbooster cashback
  4. Free verification
  5. Fast-tracked verification
  6. Free P2P transfers
  7. Raised account limits
  8. Exclusive eWalletBooster Rewards Dashboard

And, considering it only takes your name, email, AstroPay ID, and preferred currency/language, it's an easy choice. Swing by eWalletBooster today to get started.

AstroPay Fee FAQ

Okay, first off, we're going to answer commonly asked AstroPay fee questions. If you're here for account limitation information, skip down to the relevant FAQ.

Does AstroPay charge to send P2P transfers?

AstroPay does not charge to send P2P transfers, as you can see above. While some (uncommon) fees may be applied to non-VIP members, VIP AstroPay users will never pay P2P fees.

Why is AstroPay expensive?

Ultimately, AstroPay isn't expensive, but that doesn't stop us from getting this question constantly. But I don't expect you to just, you know... believe me. I have proof! Let's take a look at how AstroPay measures up to the competition... 

(Note that I can't name the competitors for legal reasons - but you'll get the idea.)

Fee TypeIndustry Standard FeesAstroPay's Fees
Account MaintenanceFixed rate (~$15)Free
Bank Withdrawal1-6%Free
Card/Check Withdrawal1-6%0.50%
Currency Conversion3-5%Current market rate
Crypto Fees1-3.5%Free

Why does AstroPay charge for withdrawal?

This is a simple question with a complicated answer. I could say "because they're a business" or, "because AstroPay pays to process your withdrawal," but that's simplifying a larger picture.

The simple truth is that AstroPay charges fewer (and cheaper) fees for most industry-standard services. Asking to remove the withdrawal fee - especially one that's over 3 times lower than most - is simply unfair.

AstroPay offers drastically lower fees on withdrawal from a number of sources than its competition, so let's keep it at that.

AstroPay Limit FAQ

Okay - now it's time for the AstroPay limits FAQ. This'll be nice and short, so read carefully - it'll be over before you know it.

What is an unverified AstroPay account's limit?

Unverified AstroPay accounts are far more heavily restricted than their verified brethren.

They're unable to withdraw funds to any external source, pay more in fees, and have strict limits on how much they can transfer based on a per-transaction basis, as well as a daily, monthly, and annual basis.

If you plan to use AstroPay even somewhat regularly, it's highly recommended that you verify your account. I mean, it's free and near-instant (assuming, of course, that you connect eWalletBooster and AstroPay).

How much money can you have on AstroPay?

There's no specific limit for "how much" you can have on AstroPay. They offer incredibly varied limits on various transactions, with annual limits as high as $1.5 million. Considering the fact that your account limits aren't connected (your bank/card/cash limits are measured separately), you have shockingly high limits.

In other words, you can easily have over $2 million on AstroPay.

Further Reading

If you have further questions related to AstroPay, we suggest reading the following articles:

Get a FREE BLACK VIP Upgrade on Your AstroPay account with eWalletBooster.

arrow right iconGet AstroPay “Black Level” status for FREE

arrow right icon1.00-1.80% AstroPay VIP Cashback

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