Paul McKenna

Oct 30 2022

Trastra's Fees & Limits, Explained

If you're new to Trastra, you're likely a tad overwhelmed - but you're in the right place! Stay awhile while we break down Trastra's fees and limits, making them a touch more transparent.

If you're a seasoned veteran of the crypto scene, you are likely already familiar with Trastra's fees and limits. After all, the sheer quality and scope of Trastra's services, in tandem with their focus on crypto, makes them perfectly suited to enthusiasts and hardcore investors alike. If you're new, though, there are likely a lot of questions floating around your head - so stay awhile and see how eWalletBooster can help clear things up.

Today's Topics Include:

  1. Trastra Fees, Explained
  2. Trastra Limits, Explained
  3. Trastra Fees: FAQ
    • Does Trastra charge to send or receive money?
    • Why does Trastra charge for withdrawing funds?
    • Why is Trastra so expensive?
  4. Trastra Limits: FAQ
    • What is an unverified Trastra account's limit?
    • How much money can I have on Trastra?

Trastra Fees, Explained

Trastra Breaks their fees down into three types: service, card, and crypto. That's pretty simple, so we won't go into a heap of exposition. It's worth noting that Trastra's fees are all well within industry standards, with a few actually being far below the usual rate. 

Take a peek at the tables below for a better idea of Trastra's fee structure.

Trastra Service Fees

Service Fee TypeTrastra Fee
Multi-Crypto Wallet Activation (7 cryptocurrencies maximum)Free.
Payment Account CreationFree.
Card Delivery FeeFree.
Mobile App FeeFree.
Card Order Fee*€9
Annual Card Management Fee**€15

*This charge is automatically deducted from your Trastra wallet upon ordering the card.

**Your first annual charge will occur 45 days following ordering your card.

Trastra Card Fees

Card Fee TypeTrastra Fee
Card Loading FeeFree.
Off/Online Card PurchasesFree.
Non-Euro Card Purchase3%
SEPA In (via Personal IBAN)Free.
SEPA Out (via SEPA)€3
ATM Balance Request€0.35
ATM PIN Change€0.40
ATM € Withdrawal*€2.25
ATM Withdrawal, Non-Euro/EEA*€2.25 + 3%

*Be aware that ATM providers will often charge an additional fee - check before completing the transaction.

Trastra Crypto Fees

Crypto Fee TypeTrastra Fee
Deposit CryptoFree.
Min. Crypto Amount Exchange3%
Exchange Crypto to EURFree.
Exchange EUR to CryptoFree.
Send Crypto to Trastra Internal WalletFree.
Send Crypto to External WalletStandard miner's fee*
Buy Crypto w/ Non-Trastra CardStandard miner's fee* + 4.95%, min. €5.00 purchase

*Transactions marked as high priority will incur a higher fee; the "standard fee" may vary by the external wallet.

Trastra Limits, Explained

Next up are Trastra's limits - which are equally simple. They're broken down into three types - cards (standard), cards (pro), and crypto. Note that the Trastra Pro card can only be acquired by contacting Trastra's support team. They will approve (or disapprove) and inform you of your card's status.

Card Limits (Standard)

Standard Card Limit TypeTrastra Limit
Max Balance€8,000
Daily On/Offline Purchase€7,700
Daily ATM Withdrawal€300
Daily Card + SEPA Spending*€8,000
Monthly Card + SEPA Spending**€9,900
SEPA Out Minimum€10
Contactless Limit (Pre-PIN)€90
Incoming Crypto TransfersUnlimited.
Crypto Withdrawal***€9,900

*Including all card transactions, ATM withdrawals, and SEPA transfers; measured on a daily basis.

***Including all card transactions, ATM withdrawals, and SEPA transfers; measured on a monthly basis.

***From your Trastra wallet to any external or internal wallet within the span of one month.

Card Limits (Pro)

Limit TypeTrastra Limit
Max Card Balance€8,000
Daily On/Offline Purchase €7,700
Daily ATM Withdrawal€300
Daily Card & SEPA Spending*€8,000
Monthly Card & SEPA Spending**€248,000
SEPA Out Min.€10
Contactless (Pre-PIN)€90

*Measured on a daily basis. Includes all ATM withdrawals, SEPA transfers, and card purchases.

**Measured on a monthly basis. Includes all ATM withdrawals, SEPA transfers, and card purchases.

Crypto Limit

Limit TypeTrastra Limit
Max Transaction Amount€5,000
Daily Limit€10,000
Monthly Limit€25,000
Daily Card Transactions15

Trastra Fees: FAQ

Does Trastra charge to send or receive money?

Trastra doesn't charge EEA citizens a fee to send or receive money (in EUR).

Other types of currency (GBP, USD, etc.) will incur a small currency conversion fee, though sending crypto to/from a Trastra wallet will remain free.

Why does Trastra charge for withdrawing funds?

Trastra charges for the withdrawal of funds because that's the industry standard. Whether you ask e-money transfer services, P2P lenders, or e-wallets, they'll all say the same thing - it costs money to process funds.

So, understandably, Trastra charges a very small fee to avoid losing money on every transaction - after all, that would be... expensive.

Why is Trastra so expensive?

This is a funny question that we actually get far more often than you think. If you compare Trastra and other services (Skrill or AstroPay, for example), Trastra is actually shockingly cheap. Take a look at the table below for more information:

Fee TypeTrastra FeeCompetition's Average Fee
Currency ConversionFree (crypto>EUR)1.5-4%
DepositsFreeFree or a flat (~€3) fee
SEPA TransactionsNo more than €31.5-3%
ATM TransactionsNo more than €31-3% + flat (~ €5) fee

Trastra Limits: FAQ

What is an unverified Trastra account's limit?

This is a really odd question for one reason - unverified Trastra accounts technically don't have limits. When you use a similar service (Skrill, for example), you'll be told right from the start what you can and cannot do with your unverified account. Trastra, on the other hand, specializes in cryptocurrency.

As such, they don't really offer any services to unverified users, as their entire business model relies on the physical card - which is only available to verified users.

In other words: 

  1. Registration gives you an account.
  2. Verification allows you to order a card.
  3. Without a card, you cannot do anything with funds in Trastra (other than send them to a buddy).
  4. Once you have a card, your account will have limits applied.

So without a card, you technically don't have a limit, as you can't use the account for anything worth limiting.

How much money can I have on Trastra?

So, we know that Trastra's whole thing is crypto. As such, their cap for fiat (government-issued; EUR, USD, etc.) currency is rather low at only €8,000.

However, their cryptocurrency limits are incredibly forgiving. By the end of a single year, you can have up to €300,000 in your crypto wallet (€25,000 per month * 12 = €300,000). In other words, if you're looking for a place to store large amounts of crypto, Trastra is an excellent choice.

If you want a standard e-wallet, though, other services are tailored to your needs a bit better than Trastra.

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