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How to Verify Your Trastra Account: A Step-by-Step Guide & FAQ

Learn how to verify your Trastra account with our detailed guide. Understand the verification process, find answers to common questions, and get tips for hassle-free verification.

Paul McKenna / Trastra

July 8, 2024

If you're looking for a reliable way to spend your hard-earned crypto, a verified Trastra account is the perfect solution. This guide will help you understand the verification process and provide useful tips to make it smooth and straightforward.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the step-by-step process to verify your Trastra account.

  • Learn why verification is crucial for accessing full Trastra services.

  • Get answers to common questions about Trastra verification.

  • Understand how to avoid common pitfalls during the verification process.

  • Benefit from expert tips for quick and hassle-free verification.

Trastra Verification Guide How-To

Verifying your Trastra account is essential to access its full range of services. Here's a detailed guide to help you through the process.

Gather Necessary Documents

Before starting the verification process, make sure you have the following items:

  • Valid, government-issued ID

  • A smartphone with a functional (front and back-facing) camera

  • Your permanent address and documentation (paid utility bill, bank statement, etc.)

Step-by-Step Verification Process

  1. Login to the Trastra app.

  2. Select "Continue Account Verification" from the top of your app - it's prominently displayed.

  3. Confirm your phone number and click "Send Me Code." Enter the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) code and continue.

  4. Enter your physical address - ensure it matches your registration and ID/address documents. Any discrepancies will result in rejection.

  5. Select "Next."

  6. Grant camera permissions to the Trastra app and follow the prompts to photograph your:

    • ID

    • Address document(s)

    • Face (selfie)

  7. Click "Accept" and wait for confirmation. Once confirmed, your account is verified!

Tips for Successful Verification

  • Ensure all photos are in focus and clearly show all four corners of your documents.

  • Take your selfie on a monochrome (single-color) background, preferably black, without any obstructions (hair, glasses, masks, etc.).

  • Avoid using flash and ensure good lighting to capture clear images.

Trastra Verification Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Trastra without verifying my account?

You can use some features of Trastra with a registered but unverified account. You will be able to send and receive funds, but you won't be able to withdraw or obtain the Trastra card without verification.

Do you have to verify a Trastra account?

Yes, to access the full range of Trastra services, including withdrawals and the Trastra card, verification is required.

Can I withdraw from Trastra without verifying?

No, withdrawals are not possible without verifying your account.

Can I send or receive money on Trastra without verification?

Yes, you can send and receive money to/from friends on Trastra without verification. However, you won't be able to withdraw these funds until your account is verified.

How long does Trastra take to verify?

Trastra typically verifies new accounts within 20 minutes. In some cases, it may take up to 48 hours, especially if the photos require manual verification due to low quality.

Why did Trastra reject my verification documents?

There are three common reasons for document rejection:

  1. Typos: Ensure all names, places, and dates are correctly spelled.

  2. Inaccurate Information: Verify that the address and birthdate entered are current and correct.

  3. Mismatch in Data: Make sure the documents provided match the information entered during registration.

Double-check all details before submission to avoid these common errors.


Verifying your Trastra account is a straightforward process that unlocks a range of valuable services, making it easier to manage and spend your crypto. Follow this guide to ensure a smooth verification process and start enjoying the full benefits of your Trastra account today.