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Enjoy a LuxonPay sign up bonus & VIP upgrade

Get a $25 welcome bonus and fast-track verification with LuxonPay 'Noir' VIP status.

  • LuxonPay 'Noir' VIP status
  • $25 sign up bonus when you join
  • Monthly cashback on your transfers
  • €5 cashback directly from LuxonPay for your first transfer of €100+
  • Verify for FREE: no deposit required
  • Fast-track verification (less than 24 hours)
  • FREE prepaid Mastercard as 'Noir' VIP

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Your LuxonPay benefits with us

Compare your benefits with us and without us.

Normal LuxonPay account
LuxonPay + ewalletbooster
ewalletbooster cashback
verification deposit
vip level
sign up bonus
$25 + €5

Easy sign-up process

How it works

Follow these simple steps to get your LuxonPay sign up bonus and VIP upgrade.


Register your account

Register your LuxonPay account or apply to tag an existing account by completing the LuxonPay sign up process

Grab your LuxonPay account details

After you register at LuxonPay, make a note of your LuxonPay email address as you will need these details to link LuxonPay to

Link your LuxonPay to

Link LuxonPay to by completing the easy form to create your account

Receive VIP upgrade, bonus and cashback

Your LuxonPay account will be updated by us within 24 hours and you’ll receive all your sign up benefits

LuxonPay sign up bonus

Get $25 sign up bonus

Join LuxonPay with us and get a $25 sign up bonus.

LuxonPay bonus - $25

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Exclusively for customers, you will receive a $25 sign up bonus from


  • $25 bonus added immediately to your ewalletbooster account
  • Payable once you have transferred money to merchants


Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about our LuxonPay program.

How does your LuxonPay program work?

When you register at via our website, additional benefits are applied to your LuxonPay account which you would not receive if you registered directly at LuxonPay.

LuxonPay provide extra benefits to customers who join via because it helps us to promote their services by offering increased incentives to potential customers.

Is it safe to enter my LuxonPay email address into your sign up form?

I already have an existing LuxonPay account. Can I still join your program?

Still have questions?

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.

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