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Payz Verification Guide 2024: Fast-Track Your Account and Unlock Exclusive Benefits

Follow our comprehensive Payz verification guide for 2024. Learn how to verify your account quickly, reduce fees, increase limits, and enjoy exclusive bonuses by linking your Payz account with eWalletBooster.

Paul McKenna / Payz

July 17, 2024

Verifying your Payz account is essential to unlocking its full potential. This guide will walk you through the verification process, explain its benefits, and show you how to leverage eWalletBooster for even more perks, including faster verification, reduced fees, and higher limits.

Key Takeaways

  • Quick Verification: Learn how to verify your Payz account efficiently.

  • Exclusive eWalletBooster Benefits: Access fast-tracked verification, reduced fees, and higher limits.

  • Increased Limits: Unlock higher transaction limits with a verified Payz account.

  • Reduced Fees: Benefit from lower transaction fees and exclusive bonuses.

  • Enhanced Features: Access a broader range of Payz features and services.

Payz Verification

Verifying your Payz account is crucial to accessing all the platform's features, including P2P transfers, merchant transactions, forex, and cryptocurrency services. It also ensures the safety and security of all users on the platform.

The Perks of Verification

Verifying your Payz account unlocks numerous benefits:

  • Higher Limits: Obtain much higher transaction limits.

  • Lower Fees: Enjoy reduced fees on various transactions.

  • Additional Services: Access services like the Payz MasterCard and more.

  • VIP Upgrade: Verification is a prerequisite for VIP status, which offers even more benefits.

Without verification, you won't be able to receive a Free Gold upgrade from eWalletBooster or transact enough to reach regular VIP levels on your own.

🚀 eWalletBooster + Payz Collaboration Benefits

Linking your Payz account with eWalletBooster provides several exclusive benefits:

  • Free Gold VIP Status: Get Payz “Gold VIP” status for FREE.

  • Earn Cashback: Earn cashback on your transfers via eWalletBooster rewards dashboard.

  • Free P2P Transfers: Enjoy free peer-to-peer transfers as a Gold VIP (usually 1.5%).

  • Free Verification: No deposit required!

  • Discounted FX Fee: Benefit from a 1.49% FX fee as Gold VIP (usually 2.99%).

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How to Verify a Payz Account (Step-by-Step)

Payz unverified account
Payz unverified account

Verifying your Payz account is a straightforward process that requires a few essential documents. Here’s how to verify your account:


  • Valid, government-issued ID (driver's license, passport, etc.)

  • Address documentation (a paid utility bill, bank statement, etc.)

  • A camera/smartphone with a camera

The Guide

  1. Register and Log In:

    • Register your account if you haven't already.

    • Log in to your Payz account.

  2. Locate Verification:

    • Find the "Upgrade to Silver ecoAccount" button in the top right-hand corner.

  3. Confirm Email:

    • Confirm your email by clicking the link sent to your inbox from Payz.

  4. Establish Security Question:

    • Set up a security question and answer.

  5. Upload ID Photo:

    • Upload a clear photo of your chosen ID.

  6. Upload Address Documentation:

    • Upload a clear photo of your address documentation.

  7. Take a Selfie:

    • Take a selfie ensuring it’s only you in the photo, free of glasses, and clearly depicting your face.

  8. Wait for Confirmation:

    • Wait for the confirmation email from Payz's account verification specialists.

🚀 With eWalletBooster

Connecting your Payz account with eWalletBooster offers significant advantages:

Without eWalletBooster

With eWalletBooster

Verification Fee



Verification Time

1-5 business days


Starting VIP Status

None; non-VIP

Free Gold VIP

P2P Transfer Fee



FX Fee






VIP Rewards Dashboard



Cashback on Transfers



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Payz Verification Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to verify a Payz account?

Verification typically takes 1-2 days but can take up to five business days. eWalletBooster members usually experience near-instant verification.

Do you have to verify a Payz account?

Verification is not mandatory but highly recommended. Non-verified accounts have restricted features, higher fees, and lower limits.

Can I use Payz without verifying?

Yes, but with limitations. Non-verified accounts can send funds and make deposits but cannot withdraw funds or access additional features.

Can I send and receive money on Payz without verifying?

Yes, but you cannot withdraw those funds without verifying your account.

Will I be able to withdraw from Payz without verifying?

No, withdrawal requires verification.

Why did Payz reject my documents?

Common reasons for document rejection include:

  1. Inaccurate Information: Ensure all details are correct and match the registration details.

  2. Typos: Double-check important details like street names and dates.

  3. Invalid Documents: Ensure documents are up-to-date and clearly show your name and address within the last 90 days.


Verifying your Payz account is essential for unlocking its full potential. Following this guide will ensure a smooth verification process, and linking your account with eWalletBooster provides numerous exclusive benefits, including faster verification, reduced fees, higher limits, and more.

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