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AstroPay Limits Explained: Maximise Your Benefits with eWalletBooster

Dive into the details of AstroPay limits and discover how you can enhance your experience by linking your account with eWalletBooster for exclusive VIP upgrades, fast-track verification, and lifetime cashback.

Paul McKenna / AstroPay

July 17, 2024

AstroPay is a leading e-money transfer service known for its secure and fast transactions. However, understanding the limits associated with your AstroPay account is crucial to fully leveraging its capabilities. Whether you're handling large transactions or frequent transfers, knowing these limits can help you manage your funds more effectively. Additionally, by linking your AstroPay account with eWalletBooster, you can unlock exclusive benefits that further enhance your experience.

Key Takeaways

  • High Transaction Limits: AstroPay offers generous limits on transactions, accommodating both personal and business needs.

  • Free Upgrade to VIP Status: Link your account with eWalletBooster for an automatic upgrade to AstroPay Black Level VIP.

  • Fast-Track Verification: Enjoy reduced waiting times for account verification by connecting with eWalletBooster.

  • Lifetime Cashback: Benefit from monthly cashback on merchant transfers through eWalletBooster.

  • Enhanced Support: Access priority customer support and a dedicated account manager with VIP status.

AstroPay Limits Explained

AstroPay's limits are designed to cater to a wide range of users, from individuals to businesses. Below is a detailed overview of the different limits associated with various transaction types on AstroPay.

Transaction Limits

Limit Type

Per Transaction Min

Per Transaction Max

Per Day

Per Month

Per Year

Bank Deposits





$1 Million

Bank Withdrawal





$1.5 Million

Cash Deposits






Cash Withdrawal






Buy Crypto


$10,000 (5 times/day)



$1 Million

Sell Crypto


$500,000 (5 times/day)



$1.5 Million

Crypto Conversion


$5,000 (10 times/day)




These limits ensure that you have the flexibility to manage your funds according to your needs, whether you're conducting small transactions or handling large sums.

Unverified vs. Verified Accounts

Unverified accounts on AstroPay face more stringent limits compared to verified accounts. Verification not only increases your transaction limits but also reduces the fees associated with certain transactions. Here’s why you should consider verifying your account:

  • Higher Transaction Limits: Verified accounts have significantly higher limits, making it easier to manage larger sums of money.

  • Lower Fees: Verified accounts benefit from lower transaction fees, saving you money in the long run.

  • Enhanced Security: Verification adds an extra layer of security to your account, protecting your funds from unauthorized access.

🚀 Exclusive Benefits with eWalletBooster

By linking your AstroPay account with eWalletBooster, you access several exclusive benefits designed to enhance your experience and provide additional value. These benefits include a free upgrade to AstroPay Black Level VIP, fast-track verification, and lifetime monthly cashback.

Free Upgrade to AstroPay Black Level VIP

When you connect your AstroPay account to eWalletBooster, you get a free upgrade to AstroPay Black Level VIP status. This VIP level provides several advantages such as the ability to earn AstroPoints which can be converted to cash, a dedicated "AstroConcierge" account manager, and priority customer support.

Fast-Track Verification

Linking your AstroPay account to eWalletBooster also grants fast-track verification. The fast-track process reduces waiting times for account approvals, allowing you to use your AstroPay services more quickly. Your transactions will be processed faster, enhancing your overall experience by reducing delays. Read more about AstroPay verification.

Lifetime Monthly Cashback

One of the standout benefits of linking your account with us is the lifetime monthly cashback on transfers to merchants. The cashback is paid directly from eWalletBooster via our rewards dashboard and can provide significant savings over time, making your transactions more rewarding. Sign up to get AstroPay exclusive benefits now!

By understanding the limits of your AstroPay account and leveraging the exclusive benefits offered by eWalletBooster, you can optimize your e-money transfer experience. Whether you're making frequent transactions or handling large sums, AstroPay and eWalletBooster together provide a seamless and rewarding platform. Start maximizing your benefits today by linking your accounts and enjoying the numerous advantages that come with it.

AstroPay limits Frequently Asked Questions

How fees do AstroPay charge?

Check out our Astropay fees guide for a full breakdown.

What are the transaction limits for an unverified AstroPay account?

Unverified AstroPay accounts have more restrictive limits compared to verified accounts. For example, unverified accounts cannot withdraw funds to external sources and have lower transaction limits across the board. It is highly recommended to verify your account to benefit from higher limits and lower fees.

How do I increase my AstroPay limits?

To increase your AstroPay limits, you need to verify your account. Verification involves providing additional personal information and documentation to AstroPay. By linking your AstroPay account with eWalletBooster, you can also access fast-track verification and other exclusive benefits that may help in increasing your limits further.

For customers who link their AstroPay account to ewalletbooster.com, we can also help to raise your limits to the highest amount possible. This is subject to completing additional steps. Please contact us to discuss this.

Are there any fees associated with increasing AstroPay limits?

No, verifying your AstroPay account and linking it with eWalletBooster to access higher limits and additional benefits does not incur any fees. In fact, by connecting your account with eWalletBooster, you may also reduce certain transaction fees and enjoy other perks.

Can I use AstroPay for international transactions?

Yes, you can use AstroPay for international transactions. However, international transfers may incur a small variable fee, especially when sending money to non-AstroPay users. Currency conversion fees may also apply, but they typically follow the current exchange rate rather than adding a significant markup.

How secure is the verification process with eWalletBooster?

The verification process with eWalletBooster is highly secure. It involves fast-tracked verification, which reduces waiting times and ensures that your account is protected with the highest standards of security. Additionally, linking your account provides enhanced support and additional security measures.

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