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Neteller VIP Program Explained & Unlock Exclusive Benefits with eWalletBooster

Learn how to maximize your Neteller experience with our detailed guide. Achieve VIP status and enjoy exclusive benefits with eWalletBooster.

Paul McKenna / Neteller

July 10, 2024

Neteller, a leading e-money service provider, has been in the market for decades, offering seamless online transactions and a comprehensive VIP programme. Over time, the structure of Neteller's VIP programme has evolved, and this guide will help you navigate its current offerings. By understanding the benefits and requirements, you can maximize your Neteller experience and enjoy a range of exclusive perks.

Key Takeaways

  • Automatic VIP Upgrades: Your Neteller account is upgraded automatically upon meeting specific transaction thresholds.

  • Quarterly Assessment: VIP status is evaluated quarterly, ensuring continuous benefits.

  • Exclusive Perks: Enjoy reduced FX fees, free prepaid MasterCard, and increased limits as a Neteller VIP.

  • Enhanced Benefits with eWalletBooster: Get additional perks like fast-track verification and monthly cashback through eWalletBooster.

How to Become a Neteller VIP

Becoming a Neteller VIP is an easy, straightforward process.

You simply use your Neteller account as you normally would, and when your account reaches certain thresholds according to the Neteller VIP levels, your Neteller account will be automatically upgraded. You will receive an email from Neteller advising you of your new VIP status.

Neteller VIP Status

Becoming a Neteller VIP is straightforward. Use your Neteller account regularly, and once you meet the required transaction volumes, your account will be automatically upgraded. You will receive an email notification confirming your new VIP status.

You can check your VIP status by logging into your Neteller account and scrolling to the bottom of the dashboard. Here, you'll find your current VIP level, the expiry date, and the transfer volume needed to maintain or upgrade your status for the next quarter.

Neteller VIP Requirements, Timeline & Levels

Neteller’s VIP programme is assessed quarterly, with the following quarters:




January - March


April - June


July - September


October - December

Your VIP level is based on your quarterly transfer volume. The requirements and benefits for each level are detailed below:


Silver VIP

Gold VIP

Diamond VIP

Exclusive VIP

Standard Spending Threshold

$15,000 per quarter

$45,000 per quarter

$150,000 per quarter

$600,000 per quarter

eWalletBooster Spending Threshold





ATM Withdrawal Limit





ATM Withdrawal Fee





FX Fee





Money Transfer (P2P) Fee





Net+ MasterCard Shipping/Handling Fee





Crypto Buy/Sell in USD or EUR Fee





Crypto Buy/Sell in Other Currency Fee





Higher-tier users (Gold and above) also enjoy additional features like a dedicated VIP account manager, discounted deposits and withdrawals, and exclusive VIP rewards.

Neteller VIP Benefits

Neteller VIPs enjoy a range of benefits, including:

  • Reduced FX Fees: Lower foreign exchange fees as you move up the VIP tiers.

  • Increased Limits: Higher ATM withdrawal and spending limits.

  • Free Net+ MasterCard: Enjoy a free prepaid MasterCard with higher limits and no annual fees.

  • Free P2P Transfers: Send money to other Neteller users for free.

  • Dedicated VIP Support: Access 24/7 VIP care with higher-tier support.

  • Exclusive VIP Bonuses: Higher tiers receive additional bonuses and rewards.

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Neteller VIP Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Neteller VIP status?

Neteller VIPs enjoy reduced FX fees, higher ATM withdrawal limits, free P2P transfers, a free prepaid MasterCard, and dedicated VIP support.

How do I achieve Neteller VIP status?

Achieve VIP status by meeting specific transaction volume requirements each quarter. Your account is automatically upgraded once you pass a new threshold.

How does Neteller assess VIP status?

Neteller assesses VIP status quarterly based on your transfer volume.

What are the exclusive benefits with eWalletBooster?

eWalletBooster offers exclusive benefits such as free verification, fast-track verification, reduced FX fees, a free prepaid MasterCard, and monthly cashback.

How do I join eWalletBooster's VIP program?

To join eWalletBooster's VIP program, register your Neteller account using the eWalletBooster registration link. If you are an existing customer, ensure your account meets the eligibility criteria for VIP upgrade.


Neteller's VIP programme offers a wealth of benefits for frequent users. By achieving VIP status, you can enjoy reduced fees, higher limits, and exclusive perks. Partnering with eWalletBooster enhances your experience with additional benefits like fast-track verification and monthly cashback. Start your journey to becoming a Neteller VIP today and unlock the full potential of your Neteller account.

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