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How to Register for AstroPay and Unlock Exclusive eWalletBooster Bonuses

Discover the straightforward process of registering for AstroPay, along with exclusive sign-up bonuses and rewards through eWalletBooster. This guide will walk you through each step, ensuring a smooth and rewarding registration experience.

Paul McKenna / AstroPay

July 8, 2024

AstroPay is an exceptional e-money transfer service known for its secure transactions, lightning-fast processing, and diverse range of services. Whether you're new to online payments or a seasoned user, AstroPay offers a robust platform to manage your transactions efficiently. To start benefiting from AstroPay, you'll first need to register.

Key Takeaways

  • Easy Registration: Follow our simple steps to register for AstroPay quickly and efficiently.

  • No Credit/Debit Card Needed: AstroPay registration does not require a credit or debit card.

  • Exclusive Rewards: Connect with eWalletBooster for additional bonuses and benefits.

  • Verification Needed: Verification is necessary to unlock full access to AstroPay’s features.

  • Accessible Payment Options: AstroPay supports a wide range of payment methods, with or without a bank account.

How to Register for AstroPay (Step-by-Step)

AstroPay has streamlined the registration process, making it user-friendly and quick. Here’s what you need to get started:


  • A functional email address (preferably the same one used for eWalletBooster)

  • A valid phone number

  • Your date of birth

  • Your first and last name

Your phone number is crucial as it will be used for verification purposes.

Registration Steps

  1. Visit the Registration Page: Click here to begin.

  2. Enter Your Phone Number: Input your phone number and area code.

  3. Verify Your Phone: Enter the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) code sent to your phone.

  4. Create a Secure Password: Follow the prompts to enter your personal details and create a password.

  5. Complete Registration: Click “Finish” and await your confirmation email.

Once you receive the confirmation email, you can proceed to verify your account and gain full access to AstroPay’s features.

AstroPay Joining Bonus

While AstroPay does not offer a joining bonus, there are still plenty of rewards available through their partnership with eWalletBooster.

🚀AstroPay + eWalletBooster Sign-Up Bonus

Connecting your AstroPay account with eWalletBooster brings several advantages:

  • Reduced Fees: Lower fees for peer-to-peer (P2P) and foreign exchange (FX) transactions.

  • Higher Account Limits: Increased limits for transactions.

  • Free VIP Upgrade: Receive a free upgrade to Black VIP status.

  • Cashback Rewards: Earn cashback through the eWalletBooster Rewards Dashboard.

    ewalletbooster rewards dashboard
    ewalletbooster rewards dashboard
  • Free and Fast Verification: Save $10 on verification fees and enjoy faster processing (12 hours vs. up to 3 days).

It’s effortless to connect your accounts. Simply enter your AstroPay User ID, name, email, and preferred currency. Start earning rewards today! Get AstroPay Cashback Now.

Finding Your AstroPay User ID

  1. Log In: Access your AstroPay account.

  2. Click on Profile: Click on your name / profile icon.

    AstroPay locate user ID step 1
    AstroPay locate user ID step 1
  3. Access Account Details: Click "Account Details."

    AstroPay locate user ID step 2
    AstroPay locate user ID step 2
  4. Locate Your User ID: Your User ID will be displayed.

    AstroPay locate user ID step 3
    AstroPay locate user ID step 3

AstroPay Registration Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an ID to register for AstroPay?

You don’t need an ID to register, but you will need it for verification. Unverified accounts have limited access to AstroPay’s services.

Do I need a credit/debit card to register for AstroPay?

No, AstroPay does not require a credit or debit card for registration. This makes it accessible to users without traditional banking services.

How old do I need to be to use AstroPay?

You must be at least eighteen (18) years old to use AstroPay’s services.

Does AstroPay require a bank account?

No, AstroPay does not require a bank account. However, you will need a method to upload and withdraw funds, and AstroPay offers numerous payment options to accommodate this.

By following this guide, you’ll be well on your way to fully utilising AstroPay’s services, complete with the added benefits from eWalletBooster. Enjoy the convenience and rewards that come with being an AstroPay user.

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