Paul McKenna

Oct 30 2022

The Full 2022 Trastra Review

If you're looking for a new e-wallet to store your growing hoard of crypto, Trastra is a great option - but they're not the only one. So, does Trastra hold up to the competition?

Cryptocurrency is an ever-growing niche. With more enthusiasts every day, there's a growing need for a way to, well, use cryptocurrency in daily life. Trastra has solved this issue by offering an e-wallet service to convert and spend cryptocurrency with a physical card. That's right! You can now pay for pizza with BTC (well, BTC converted to EUR) - that's the dream.

But do Trastra's services offer enough to be worth your time? 

Table of Contents:

What is Trastra?

Before we review Trastra, we need to talk about definitions. So - what specifically is Trastra?

Trastra is, in its simplest form, an e-wallet that specializes in cryptocurrency and currency conversion between crypto and fiat currency. And by "specializes in crypto," we don't mean that they let you buy and sell cryptocurrency - no, you can use it to buy things. Whether you want to use it in person or online, Trastra is the easiest way to use your hard-earned BTC to buy a cup of coffee or pay for your next date night.

Trastra was founded five years ago in 2017. They're centred in the UK and, as such, are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Let's talk a bit more about Trastra's safety measures and how they're regulated.

Is Trastra Safe?

Trastra is quite safe, thanks to a combination of factors:

  1. State-of-the-art encryption on all personal and financial information (SSL certified)
  2. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for user accounts
  3. Regulation by two groups

We mention regulation by two groups. The first that regulates Trastra is the FCA, as mentioned previously. The second, though, is a Contice-issued EMI Umbrella License issued in Lithuania. This all goes to say that yes - not only is Trastra very safe, but they are closely monitored to ensure all goes well. Which is a very nice thing to hear about a group you plan to trust with large amounts of money...

Is Trastra Legit?

Yes, Trastra is entirely legitimate. They're fully licensed and regulated, provide plenty of secondary security measures on top of industry-best encryption, and operate in a broad range of countries - each of which monitors them very carefully.

Trastra Review: 2022

And now we make it to the fun part - the actual review! We'll start with Trastra's fee and limit structure - after that, we can talk about their security and rewards systems.

Trastra Fees & Limits

Trastra likes to keep things simple, and their fee/limit structure is no different. While we've already covered both of these subjects in depth, you can peruse this section for a brief breakdown of the most important bits.

Trastra Fees: 

Fee TypeTrastra Fee
Card load/purchaseFree
ATM Transactions€0.35-2.25 (varying by transaction type)
SEPA inFree
Deposit cryptoFree
Convert crypto>EUR or EUR>cryptoFree
Send crypto to external walletSmall variable fee
Non-EUR purchase3%

Trastra Limits:

Limit TypeTrastra Limit
Crypto transfers (incoming)Unlimited
Max card balance€8,000
Daily ATM withdrawal max€300
SEPA out minimum€10
Crypto withdrawal (monthly)€9,900
Crypto purchase limit (daily)€10,000
Crypto purchase limit (monthly)€25,000

Trastra Security

Trastra is incredibly secure, which is super important considering they're accepted by over 40 million European merchants. Because of their wide acceptance, Trastra employs several excellent security measures: 

  1. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
  2. Device authorisation
  3. Anti-Fraud transaction reviews
  4. 256-bit SSL enctyption
    • This is the gold standard in modern encryption.
  5. Visa ID check and verification (AKA 3D Secure)

If you want a more detailed explanation of what each of these means and why it's so good, swing by Trastra's Privacy Policy

Trastra Rewards

Trastra is a bit weird when compared to its competition. Most of its competitors (such as EcoPayz or Neteller) offer a VIP programme that rewards regular users with lowered fees, higher account limits, and other bonuses like cashback.

Trastra, on the other hand, takes a different approach:

  1. Every friend you refer rewards your Trastra account with a BTC deposit worth €10.
  2. Friends you refer provide a 0.2% commission on all crypto-to-cash transactions they complete.
    • Get paid for your friends moving money!
  3. The Special Referral Programme offers influencers, marketing groups, and others with high potential for multiple referrals up to 400% increase in commissions (up to 0.8% per transaction).

This may not seem like much, but if you have friends that move crypto regularly, you can earn quite a bit for doing (quite literally) nothing. 

And if you have a large social media following or work with crypto investors, you can earn even more - once again, for nothing on your part.

The Final Say

Ultimately, Trastra is great for the right user, though others will find it somewhat lacklustre if they're hoping to use a traditional e-money transfer service. If you love crypto and regularly buy, sell, or trade it, Trastra offers you the opportunity to actually use those coins for "real life." 

While Trastra's reward programme isn't quite as nice as some others, the combination of incredible security features and excellent crypto investment options makes them a wonderful choice for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. And, when you add on their nearly nonexistent fee structure, Trastra's services look really nice.

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