Paul McKenna

Jan 24 2023

Skrill & Neteller 0.5% Cash Bonus Promotion. How does the promo work and how can you benefit?

Find out all the details of the Paysafe (Skrill & Neteller) 0.5% cashback promo which runs from 11th January to 11th April 2023

We are delighted to announce a new promotion available from Paysafe - the 0.5% cashback bonus promo

All users (new and existing) can participate in this promotion.

Unusually for a Skrill/NETELLER promotion, the cashback bonus will be paid on deposit uploads to your Skrill and NETELLER accounts (not transfers to merchants).

This is great news for those that are eligible as this means that you'll earn a double cashback through ewalletbooster:

  • Cashback on deposit uploads via the the 0.5% cashback bonus promo
  • Cashback on transfers to merchants using the VIP cashback program.

How do I take part in the 0.5% cashback bonus promotion?

It is very important to follow the correct steps to ensure that you are opted in to the promotion and eligible for cashback.

If you not use the correct opt-in link, you will not eligible for the cashback bonus.

Only users signed up through the promotional pages will be eligible for bonuses.

Step 1 

  • Skrill - click on the Skrill 0.5% promo link and then click either 'Join Skrill' (new customers) or 'Deposit Now' (existing customers)
  • NETELLER- click on the NETELLER 0.5% promo link and then click either 'Join NETELLER' (new customers) or 'Deposit Now' (existing customers)

Step 2

Start making deposits using the eligible deposit methods.

Step 3

Once 30 days has passed, your bonus will be paid into your Skrill or NETELLER account.

How does the 0.5% cashback bonus work?

To qualify for 0.5% cashback, you need to be from a specific country and use a specific deposit method which we have set out below:

AustriaSofort & EPS
GermanySofort & Giropay
ItalyCards (VISA & MC)
PortugalMultibanco/MB WAY
ChileMach & Khipu

To earn the cashback bonus, you simply need to make deposit uploads to your Skrill & Neteller accounts.

As as an example, if you are from Italy and you deposit €10,000 into Skrill using VISA card, you will earn (€10,0000 * 0.5%) = €50 cashback.

How long will the promotion will be on for?

One possibly confusing element of this promotion is that even though the promotion runs from 11th Jan - 11th April, the period that you will be eligible to earn the bonus is only 30 days.

Your 30 day eligible period will start as soon as you opt in to the promotion or register a new Skrill account through our link.

Deposits made after the 30-day window will not be eligible for a cash bonus.

When will I get paid the cashback bonus?

You will get paid at the end of the 30 day period.

Therefore, if you opt-in to the promotion on 1st March 2023, you will get paid on the 31st March 2023.

What is the maximum cashback bonus?

The maximum bonus you can earn is capped at $2,000 USD or currency equivalent. 


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