Paul McKenna

Oct 23 2022

Guide To Verifying Your MuchBetter Account & FAQ

You may think that registering a MuchBetter account was the end, but you'd be wrong. Next is verification; after that, you'll be set, so stay tuned - eWalletBooster will make things clear soon enough.

MuchBetter offers quite a bit to full members - seamless P2P and merchant transactions, crypto and forex investment, online gaming, and far more. But there's a catch; you need a verified account to use... pretty much all of it. If you've registered a MuchBetter account and want more, you're in the right place - keep reading to learn more.

Below, you'll find a simple guide to verifying your MuchBetter account, along with a handful of answers to common questions. Let's get going!

Today’s Topics Include: 

Now, let’s talk MuchBetter verification.

Guide to MuchBetter Verification (Step-by-Step)

Before diving into the verification process, you'll want to gather a few things:

  • A valid, government-issued ID (passport, driver's license, military ID, etc.)
  • A smartphone with a functional camera
  • Internet access

It's also worth noting the following:

  1. When taking your selfie and ID photos, be sure to:
    • Keep it in focus
    • Make sure all 4 corners are clearly visible
    • Turn off flash
    • Place the ID on a one-colour background (all black/white is best) for clarity
  2. Take the selfie with your front-facing camera, removing anything that blocks your face, such as:
    • Glasses
    • Hair
    • Mask

Now, here’s how to verify a MuchBetter account:

  1. Log into your MuchBetter mobile app
  2. Click Verify Me on the MuchBetter homescreen
  3. Enter the country that issued your ID and scan the ID, keeping point #1 above in mind.
  4. Take your selfie, keeping #1 and 2 above in mind.
  5. Wait. Verification usually takes ~1-2 minutes.
    • You will receive a confirmation SMS code when verified.
  6. Success! You're now all set and fully verified.

If you’re curious about your verification and haven’t received an SMS message, head to your MuchBetter account. Click “More” > “Limits” > “Raise My Limits.” Verified accounts will have drastically higher account limits and will be marked as “verified.”

MuchBetter Verification FAQ

Do I have to verify MuchBetter?

This is one of those "yes, but actually no" types of answers. While you don't have to verify your account (or do anything, for that matter), it's highly recommended. Unverified accounts are unable to use most of MuchBetter's features (no crypto, no forex, no withdrawals), and let's be honest - it takes maybe five minutes.

What's the point of refusing to verify? If you are, in fact, a real person, then there's nothing to fear. Unless you're a bot... I have a captcha for you - no reason, just for fun...

Can I use MuchBetter without verifying?

Yes, you can use some of MuchBetter's features without verifying your account. You will be able to make deposits and send money, but you will have the following to deal with:

  • Higher fees
  • Lower account limits
  • Limited account functionality
  • No MuchBetter MasterCard

How long does MuchBetter verification take?

MuchBetter verification completes in a matter of roughly 60 seconds. Which, compared to other services, might as well be instant - seriously, a five-day verification wait time for some services? No thanks.

Can I withdraw from MuchBetter without verification?

No, you cannot withdraw funds from an unverified MuchBetter account. This is why we try to hammer home the importance of properly spelling all information correctly during registration and again during verification. Nobody likes having money just... stuck, so verify your account - really, just do it.

Can I receive money on MuchBetter without verifying?

Yes! You can receive money from friends on MuchBetter without verifying, though you'll be unable to withdraw that money until you've verified your account.

Can I send money on MuchBetter without verifying?

Yes, you can send money on MuchBetter without verifying. Once again, that's really all you can do before verifying your account.

Why did MuchBetter reject my documents?

There are generally three reasons that MuchBetter will reject your document(s):

  1. Typos:
    • This is the most common cause. Misspelt birth dates, addresses, or names are common causes of document rejection.
    • For real - double-check everything to avoid this issue.
  2. The documents are invalid or expired:
    • Always be sure your ID is up-to-date. This is good life advice, but really, really important when verifying your MuchBetter account.
  3. Your photo(s) were too blurry, dark, or unclear to read:
    • This is why we recommend taking the photo carefully. Keep in on a monochrome background, without flash, and with all 4 corners in focus.
    • Photo/digital copies are not accepted.

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