Paul McKenna

Oct 29 2022

The 2022 eWalletBooster MuchBetter Review

If you're trying to find your next e-money service, chances are you've heard of MuchBetter. But does it hold up? Read on to learn what MuchBetter offers and if it's right for you.

MuchBetter is, while new to the scene, an excellent e-money transfer service. They offer excellent rates and limits for account holders and provide a swathe of services. From P2P and merchant transactions to FX, crypto, and online gaming, there's very little that MuchBetter doesn't offer.

But is it worth the hype? There's only one way to find out - keep reading.

Table of Contents:

  1. What is MuchBetter?
  2. MuchBetter Review: 2022
  3. The Final Say

What is MuchBetter?

Let's start with the simplest stuff first - definitions. 

MuchBetter is an e-money transfer service that was founded out of the UK in 2016. They initially offered P2P and merchant payment processing, though they quickly branched out into a number of other fields. Today, MuchBetter is your one-stop-shop for just about everything; forex, crypto, online gaming, and yes - P2P payments - are all commonplace.

This is all great to hear, but that doesn't mean anything if MuchBetter isn't safe - so, is MuchBetter safe?

Is MuchBetter safe?

Yes! MuchBetter is fully regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Gambling Commission. This means that they follow all UK laws very carefully, and the same applies to every country in which MuchBetter operates.

Add in their top-tier security features (detailed here), and it's really hard to ignore how great MuchBetter's offerings really are.

Is MuchBetter legit?

MuchBetter is entirely legit. As mentioned above, they're fully regulated by multiple governmental bodies, and have built a name for trustworthy payment processing. While I can't just say they're legit and expect you to believe me, it's the truth.

And the millions of annual users over the past six years really only back up that claim. If you want even more proof, click here

MuchBetter Review: 2022

And now, we make it to the really fun bit - the actual review. Let's start with MuchBetter's fee and limit structure, as that's most likely to affect everyone. After that, we'll hit MuchBetter's security, rewards, and acceptance before calling it a day.

Fees & Limits

The fees that MuchBetter charges and the limits they apply to your account are the most likely factor to affect you on a daily basis. It's worth noting that we've covered MuchBetter's fees and limits in depth in another article, so check that out if you want all of the details. 

Today, we're only hitting the big ones, as this article would be a lot longer if we went full-on into things. Here are the most important fees and limits associated with MuchBetter accounts:

Fee/Limit TypeMuchBetter Fee/LimitIndustry Standard Fee/Limit
Deposit via BankFree1-3% and/or flat fee
Deposit via Pay-by-Bank AppFree1-3% and/or flat fee
Deposit via Debit CardFree1-3% and/or flat fee
Send/Receive Money (w/ other MuchBetter users)Free1-3%
Merchant TransactionsFree1-3%
Currency Conversion (FX)0.99%2-4+%
MuchBetter MasterCard: Online PaymentFree1-3%
MuchBetter MasterCard: Contactless PaymentFree1-3%
MuchBetter MasterCard: In-Person PaymentFree1-3%
MuchBetter MasterCard: Per-Day Limit5 transactions per day of £300 or less 
Crypto Withdrawal2.0%3-5% + flat fee
Verified Account LimitsVerified limit drastically (~5x) higher than unverified.Verified limit drastically (~5x) higher than unverified.
ATM Withdrawal Limit£4,500 (daily), £22,500 (monthly), £90,000 (yearly)£100-400 per day, £1,000-10,000 per month, less than £50,000 per year
Contactless Payment LimitUp to 5 per dayContactless not offered.

In short, MuchBetter's fees and limits are well within industry standards, often actually beating out their larger, more established competition.


Security is the next most important bit after fees and limits; in fact, one could argue that it's more important. So, how does MuchBetter protect your money?

Security FeatureMuchBetter's Version
EncryptionState-of-the-art Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 
Secondary SecurityBiometric locking (mobile app) & Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
SoftwareDevice pairing + a secure, modern mobile app
Transaction SafetyAll MuchBetter transactions are reviewed for accuracy
Other FeaturesDynamic Security Codes (CVV) - a proprietary, patent-pending security measure that's the first of its kind.

In other words, MuchBetter offers exactly what they claim - state-of-the-art, truly modern security in all they do.


This is where MuchBetter stumbles a bit. Most of their competitors offer wonderful VIP programmes that provide reduced fees, higher account limits, and a number of other benefits, often including free transactions and even cashback!

MuchBetter, on the other hand, has two services - neither of which is quite as good as their competitors' versions:

  1. The MuchBetter Rewards Programme & MegaDraw:
    • This is a lottery-like system in which each pound/euro you spend is one entry to a lottery drawing. Drawings include all-expenses-paid trips, cash pools, and personal gifts. Some winners have gotten as much as $60,000 in cash!
  2. The MuchBetter VIP Programme
    • This is a very new entry to their service and is invite-only. Users who are in the top percentile will be contacted with an offer for VIP status. This will include a personal account manager, along with personalised gifts and cash gifts of up to $500.

If you want to become a VIP for MuchBetter, I have some bad news - you can't apply, nor really work your way into it. You'll either be selected, or you won't. In other words, you'll know if you're a MuchBetter VIP.

This is really a bummer. While prize drawings are all well and good, VIP programmes should offer tangible rewards; reduced fees, higher limits, cashback - literally anything that's guaranteed would be nice.

Availability & Coverage

Finally, we need to talk about where you can use MuchBetter. This section will be rather barebones, as MuchBetter is actually accepted in most parts of the world. They offer full service to most of Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America. MuchBetter does not service the Middle East, the United States, and a handful of other countries listed here.

And if you're hoping to get your hands on a shiny MuchBetter MasterCard, you'll need to live in the EU - users everywhere else aren't eligible for a MasterCard.

The Final Say

Ultimately, MuchBetter is an excellent e-money transfer service in just about every sense: they're incredibly secure, offer excellent rates on a number of handy services, and make understanding and using their platform truly seamless. While MuchBetter's rewards/VIP programme does leave a bit to be desired, there's more to the picture.

They let you invest in crypto and forex, gamble for leisure, and send/receive money to and from friends. And best of all, it happens pretty much instantly. If you plan to use MuchBetter to make a living (maybe trading forex or crypto), then you may want to find a service with a more comprehensive VIP programme - otherwise, you're set.

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