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Achieve Neteller VIP Status with Crypto Transactions - 2024 Guide

Discover how cryptocurrency transactions count towards your Neteller VIP status. Learn about fees, new terms, and exclusive eWalletBooster benefits in our 2024 guide.

Paul McKenna / Neteller

July 17, 2024

All cryptocurrency transactions will now count as valid transfers on your Neteller account for VIP status, enhancing your ability to reach higher tiers.

Cryptocurrency transactions will now be included in your transfer volume calculations on your Neteller account, contributing towards the threshold required to achieve or maintain your VIP status. This means that purchasing cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin with your Neteller account will count as transfer volume in addition to regular merchant transfers.

Key Takeaways

  • New Terms for VIP Status: Cryptocurrency purchases now count towards your transfer volume for VIP status.

  • Same Transfer Volume Requirements: The thresholds for achieving VIP levels remain unchanged.

  • Boost Your VIP Status: Buying crypto can help you reach higher VIP levels faster.

  • Fees for Crypto Transactions: Neteller charges 1.5-3% for buying/selling cryptocurrency, depending on your base currency.

Understanding Neteller VIP Terms

The transfer volume required to achieve a certain VIP level remains unchanged. The key update is that purchases of cryptocurrencies with your Neteller account now count towards this transfer volume. For instance, to achieve Silver VIP, you need to transfer at least $15,000 in a quarter to secure your Silver VIP status for the current and next year.

Example Scenario

  1. November 2022: You sign up for Neteller and transfer $15,500 to various sportsbooks and casinos such as Smarkets, Titan Casino, Leo Vegas, etc. Your Neteller account is upgraded to Silver VIP, securing this status until March 31, 2023.

  2. December 2022: You buy $40,000 worth of Bitcoin (BTC) with Neteller. Your total transfer volume becomes $55,500 ($15,500 to sportsbooks/casinos + $40,000 BTC purchase). Your account is upgraded to Gold VIP status, guaranteeing this level for the current and next quarter.

Previously, the $40,000 BTC purchase would not have counted towards your total transfer volume, but under the new terms, it does, allowing you to upgrade to the next VIP level.

Transfers That Contribute to VIP Status

  • Transfers to merchants such as deposits to bookmakers, casinos, poker sites, forex sites, etc.

  • Purchases of all cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Transfers That Do Not Contribute to VIP Status

  • P2P transfers (transfers between Neteller accounts).

  • Deposits into your Neteller account from your bank account, Visa, etc.

  • Withdrawals from your Neteller account to your bank account or card.

  • Purchases made using your prepaid Mastercard.

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Important Information

  • You do not receive any cashback from eWalletBooster for buying Bitcoin with Neteller or any other cryptocurrency.

  • When you buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies with Neteller, a fee between 1.5% and 3% is charged. The fee depends on your Neteller base currency (1.5% for EUR or USD, 3% for other currencies).


Can I achieve VIP status with cryptocurrency transactions?

Yes, all cryptocurrency transactions now count towards your transfer volume for VIP status.

What are the fees for buying Bitcoin with Neteller?

Neteller charges between 1.5% and 3% for buying or selling cryptocurrency, depending on your base currency.

Do P2P transfers count towards my VIP status?

No, P2P transfers do not contribute to your VIP volume.

How much do I need to transfer to achieve Silver VIP?

You need to transfer at least $15,000 in a quarter to achieve Silver VIP status.

Can I receive cashback on cryptocurrency purchases?

No, eWalletBooster does not provide cashback for buying Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies with Neteller.

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