ecoPayz VIP

The ecoPayz VIP program allows you to benefit from lower FX rates, lower withdrawal fees, free P2P (peer-to-peer) transfers, higher limits and the ability to own increased number of ecoCards and ecoVirtualcards in additional currencies.

There are four different VIP levels for your ecoPayz account: Silver, Gold, Platinum and VIP.

Progressing through the VIP levels is slightly different to the EcoPayz & Neteller VIP programs as it does not solely rely on your transfer volume. There are a couple of other factors and requirements that influence your VIP level.

Luckily, if you join ecoPayz via eWalletBooster you will be eligible for a free Gold VIP upgrade plus monthly cashback on your transfers and a sign up bonus of €10.

ecoPayz VIP Benefits

  • Reduced FX fees
  • Free prepaid Mastercard
  • Higher limits on your transactions (online and offline)
  • Free P2P transfers
  • Up to 5 daily ecoVirtualcards
  • Up to 40 monthly ecoVirtualcards
  • Reduced withdrawal fees

ecoPayz Silver VIP Account

To reach the first level of VIP status – Silver, is very easy. To receive instant Silver VIP status all you need to do is verify your ecoPayz account.

ecoPayz Gold VIP Account

To reach the next level of VIP status – Gold, you need to have been a Silver VIP for 30 days and transfer at least €125,000. Alternatively, you can get a free Gold VIP upgrade when you join via eWalletBooster.

How to become ecoPayz VIP?

The easiest way to become an ecoPayz VIP is by taking advantage of the exclusive partnership between EcoPayz and eWalletBooster. When you join EcoPayz via us, you can apply for an instant Gold VIP upgrade and as long as your EcoPayz account is verified you will receive a free VIP upgrade and you can immediately start taking advantage of Gold VIP benefits such as dedicated higher limits and lower FX fees.

ecoPayz Application Form

Use the form below to submit your application to join our cashback program and get a free Gold VIP upgrade.

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ecoPayz & eWalletBooster Benefits

Receive Gold VIP Upgrade

Average 0.80% Cashback Every Month

€10 Bonus For Signing Up

Free P2P (Peer-to-Peer) Transfers

Regular eWalletBooster promos

Additional ecoPayz VIP Rewards

Personalised Support & Care