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boosterBuddies Subpartner Program

How to get started? How can you benefit? How to become Official Partner?

The boosterBuddies program works essentially like a subpartner program, allowing you to refer other affiliate partners to eWalletBooster and earn 10% of the total commission that your subpartners earn.

Whilst a number of ewallet affiliate and subpartner programs exist, boosterBuddies has some special unique features which make it the most profitable program for people working in the ewallet affiliate industry.

What is unique about boosterBuddies subpartner program?

The key benefits of the boosterBuddies subpartner program are:

  • Refer Subpartners and receive 10% of their commission
  • Grow your partner network by building your Network Share
  • Fast-Track to Official Partner status and receive your unique Partner Pack

What is Network Share?

Network Share is the key foundation upon which boosterBuddies is built.

Network Share means that every single partner in your network all benefit from each other’s volume.

It is important to realise how this concept works as it means a completely new partner will automatically be granted partner status and will have their commission rate calculated by combining the following:

  1. Network Share Volume
  2. Personal Client's Volume
  3. Subpartners Volume

This means that if a new subpartner registers at eWalletBooster through your network, your new subpartner's volume for the current month will immediately include your Network Share towards their total volume, allowing them to earn a higher rate of commission.

Network Share example

Below we have set out a typical network to explain how Network Share works.

Network 'A' has 5 partners

  • Partner 1 has generated volume of $10,300 in January 2020
  • Partner 2 has generated volume of $24,032.98 in January 2020
  • Partner 3 has generated volume of $700 in January 2020
  • Partner 4 has generated volume of $181,215.84 in January 2020
  • Partner 5 has generated volume of $495,967.02 in January 2020

The total Network Share for Network 'A' in January 2020 is $712,215.84 (please note this table is to illustrate an example network only)

PartnerPartner VolumeCombined Total VolumeRatePartner CommissionSub Comm (10%)
Partner 1$10,300.00$722,515.840.50%$51.50$5.15
Partner 2$24,032.98$736,248.820.50%$120.16$12.01
Partner 3$700.00$712,915.840.50%$3.50$0.35
Partner 4$181,215.84$893,431.680.50%$906.08$90.61
Partner 5$495,967.02$1,208,182.860.55%$2,727.82$272.78

If a new partner, 'Partner 6' registers through Network 'A', their commission rate will start at 0.50% and your subpartner commission will be (0.50% * 10%) = 0.05% due to Network Share of $712,215.84

subpartner Network Share

Example of partner benefitting from higher commission rate due to Network Share.

In the screenshot above you can see that this partner is earning 0.50% due to the total Network Share of $712,215.84. Their commission rate is calculated by adding $712,215.84 + $43,402.48 = $755,618.32 which means they are in the 0.50% rate for January 2020.

Even though their own transfer volume is only $43,402.48, they are still earning 0.50% instead of 0.35%.

Please note that if the partner in the screenshot above had joined eWalletBooster directly, instead of through a network, their commission for January 2020 would be ($43,402.48 * 0.35%) = $151.91 instead of ($43,402.48 * 0.50%) = $217.01.

This is very useful for recruiting new partners to join your network as you can promote your network by using your Network Share as an incentive for them to join you. And of course, you will also earn 10% of any commission that your subpartners earn.

Network Share is unique as it allows you to promote your network and recruit new partners to join eWalletBooster through your network by using your Network Share as an incentive for them to join.

Getting started with boosterBuddies

In order to activate boosterBuddies in your affiliate dashboard, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Register here and contact us to activate your affiliate dashboard
  2. Once your clients combined total transfer volume reaches $10,000+, boosterBuddies will be automatically activated in your affiliate dashboard
  3. Use your unique boosterBuddies subpartner link to refer new partners to eWalletBooster
  4. Track your progress towards gaining Official Partner status and view detailed reports of all your subpartners activity
official partner progress

Official Partner

Become an Official Partner, receive your Partner Pack & increase your earnings.

Once your total transfer volume reaches $250,000+, you will be eligible to become an eWalletBooster Official Partner.

Benefits of becoming Official Partner

As soon as your total volume reaches $250,000+, you will receive email notification advising you that you are now eligible to become an Official Partner.

Once you are eligible, we will contact you so that we can prepare your Official Partner Pack.

What is included in the Official Partner Pack?

  1. Your own Landing Page on with your network details.
    • You can see an example here

  2. Official eWalletBooster Polo Shirt
  3. 10x personalised Business Cards, with your name, contact details and link to your landing page

Getting started as Official Partner

The process of getting started as an Official Partner is explained below.

  1. Once your total transfer volume reaches $250,000+, you will receive email advising you are now eligible to become Official Partner. You can also track your progress towards Official Partner status in your dashboard.
  2. You will need to provide us with the following information so that we can prepare and send your Partner Pack. You will need to carefully consider which details you supply to us as your name, contact details, and partner code will be displayed on your business cards, your landing page and your letter. Your chosen partner code is especially important since it will be used in the URL of your landing page -[partnercode]
    • Your formal name
    • Contact details: phone, email, whatsapp, telegram, skype
    • Your chosen partner code
    • Your address
    • Polo shirt size - small, medium, large or extra large

  3. Once we have finalised all the above details, we will send you your Partner Pack and supply you with a tracking number so that you can track your delivery
  4. Once you have received your Partner Pack, we will set your landing page to live.
  5. That's it! You are all set up as an Official Partner and can begin taking advantage of your new status