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Skrill verification changes 2019 and how you may be be affected?

April 11th 2019

Skrill verification changes 2019 and how you may be be affected?

Skrill account verification changes

Skrill have recently announced changes to their verification process which you may be required to complete in order to successfully verify your Skrill account.

In the past, a small number of customers who signed up to Skrill were required to upload a selfie to Skrill to prove their identity. Essentially the main change that has been implemented, effective from 3rd April 2019, is that if you were one of those customers who would have previously received the request from Skrill to upload a selfie, you will now need to upload a selfie with a handwritten note with the date and the word ‘Skrill’ on.


Why is this neccessary?

Whilst this may seem to you like an unnecessary step to implement, we believe that if the Skrill security team are changing the procedure, there must be a fair reason for the change. And let’s be honest, if you had to upload a selfie of your face anyway then adding a handwritten note to the selfie is not too much trouble to complete.

To make the process easier and to ensure that you can complete it quickly and without ongoing issues we have taken the time to explain in simple terms how this process will work and how to verify your Skrill account and enjoy all the benefits of a verified Skrill account.

Skrill identity verification

Since the changes implemented by Skrill relate solely to verifying your identity, we will explain this in detail below.

  1. After you have registered your Skrill account you can assess the verification section by either clicking on the notification message that appears or you can access directly from the settings page
  2. If you are yet to fund your Skrill account you will be prompted to complete a deposit before proceeding with ID documentation.
    IMPORTANT: If you registered your Skrill account via eWalletBooster you will not be required to make a deposit because all Skrill accounts registered via our link are placed on the exclusive fast-track verification process at Skrill
  3. Unfortunately, you cannot verify your Skrill account with Facebook if you are requested to complete the ‘selfie with note’ verification process so you have to skip ‘Verify with Facebook’ step.
  4. The next step is to select option 2 Fast to upload the required photos from your computer
  5. You will then be redirected to the section where you can upload all of the required documents to verify your identity:
    1. Select your country and the document type: Passport, Driving Licence or Identity Card
    2. Choose whether to take a new photo with your webcam or whether to upload an existing photo from your computer
    3. Upload image of the front and back of your ID
    4. Upload image of your face/selfie holding a hand written note with today’s date and the words ‘Skrill’
    5. Your identity will now be checked and processed

Screenshots of Skrill identity verification process

Step 1 - Select document to upload - Passport, Driving Licence or Identity Card

Step 1 - Select document to upload - Passport, Driving Licence or Identity Card

Skrill document verification

Skrill uses technology to automatically verify your address. This is country-specific so may not apply to you but in most cases, this is successful and your address with be automatically verified. However, if this process is unsuccessful or does not apply to your country, you will be required to upload documents to prove your address.

This process is unchanged from the previous Skrill address verification process so you can find more information by referring to our Skrill verification page.

Once your Skrill account is fully verified you will receive email notification that the process is complete.

Please remember that if you register your Skrill account via eWalletBooster you will receive the following benefits:

  • Fast-track verification
  • Free Bronze VIP Upgrade
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